Prosecco Treviso DOC

Andreola have carefully mastered the “character” of Prosecco, combining ancient methods with modern technology. Andreola was established in 1984 in Valdobbiadene, second generation winemaker Stefano continues to manage the estate with the same philosophy as his father - that Prosecco is not just a product but a living being. What we find in the bottle is the reflection of generations of custodians working the unique and rugged terrain of Valdobbiadene, passed down from father to son, mother to daughter. Painstakingly harvested by hand, Andreola Vérv is a premium prosecco shaped by respect for its territorial origins, rich history, and innovative techniques.


Heroic viticulture on extraordinary land

Prosecco is produced exclusively in the north-east of Italy, between the magnificent Italian Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Its story began in Treviso over three centuries ago, where the highest quality Proseccos are still produced to this day. Made from the ‘Glera’ grape, prosecco has found its ideal environment on the steep hills of Treviso. 

The glaciers that slid down from the Dolomites in primordial times have carved out this unique land, where the terroir of prosecco is made up heavily of marine marls and sandstone. Prosecco is made entirely by hand as the arduous hills require daily manual labour, known simply as “heroic viticulture”. 

This geographical typicality is what Andreola strives to accentuate in every wine. Using traditional winemaking techniques combined with innovative modern methodology, owner, Stefano puts the hard work in the vineyards and adopts a minimalist approach in the winery to allow for the true character of Treviso to shine.

Andreola’s commitment continues beyond the winery, with every bottle arriving on our shores bottled fresh to order. This ensures that the unique character and lively effervescence of Treviso is maintained.

Tasting note

Andreola Vérv Prosecco is a lightly fragrant sparkling wine that mirrors the easy, carefree spirit of the Italian lifestyle. It is both fabulously fruity and fresh yet cleansing on the palate. You will enjoy flavours of green apple, lemon and frangipani with subtle mineral undertones, it is sumptuous and well-rounded with a fine and elegant perlage. Made in an Extra-Dry style to please all palates, you can enjoy Vérv as an aperitif, with seafood, creamy cheeses and pasta with delicate sauces.

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