Australia Draught is a beer the Nation can call it’s own. Australian owned and proud of it. A beer brand with no state bias, a beer that’s at home in every state of this proud Nation. Brewed from all natural ingredients and with no added preservatives, Australia Draught is a traditionally styled, cold filtered, full flavoured, full strength lager.


Tasting Notes

Australia Draught is a premium lager style beer designed as a sessionable, high quality “on-tap” beer. An intrinsic blend of hop varieties provides a balance to the complex malt characters selected for the Australia Draught formula. Quality local ingredients and a carefully constructed brewing profile provide the foundation for this premium lager.

Crafted with a focus on purity, Australia Draught is produced with care and attention to detail, resulting in a preservative free premium beer. Australia Draught has a well-balanced mid palate to ensure no ingredient dominates the taste profile and displays a refreshing, clean crisp finish, expected of a premium beer. Alcohol Volume: 4.60%

Standing behind those who stood up when it counted

Australia Draught is proud to offer financial support to the SAS Resources Fund and the Commando Welfare Trust.

Sales of Australia Draught contribute to the valuable financial support Broo Limited provides to these organisations.

These organisations provide support and financial aid to current and former members of the Special Air Services Regiment (SASR) and Special Operations Command (SOCOMD) and their dependants.

For further information and the opportunity to show your support visit these websites.

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