The Artist

Jacob Butler (Shakey) is a fresh, self-taught young artist based in Fremantle who creates across a broad variety of mediums including oil, acrylics, pastel and aerosol.  A condition known as essential tremors which has been with Jacob from birth got him branded ‘Shakey’ and eventually resulted in his unique, free-flowing, intuitive style.

Shakey’s art career began on the Freo wharf in 2013, where he experimented using paint and colour for the first time whilst decorating his workmate’s hard-hats. Quickly after, the demand for Jacob’s artwork and his passion and drive to become a real artist began to surge. Since becoming a full-time artist three years later, he has been commissioned for private and corporate murals, display home pieces, portraits and more. He has been invited to paint live in front of large audiences for private concerts, gala balls, weddings and large charity events, with his paintings yielding very successful results due to the raw energy put into his work whilst under pressure.

Shakey’s passion and energy for art is utterly contagious and his mission is not only to be the best artist that he can be, but also to inspire others to get painting. This was recently recognised within his nomination for a Disability Support Award, due to his successful art workshops catered for those living with disabilities. His story was covered by the West Australian, radio, other media including a recent award-winning short film called Shakey’s Story.

Shakey recently ran his first, very successful co-exhibition in West Perth last December and he is currently spending most of his time performing live wedding around the country. Between commissions he also continues his art workshops for people with disabilities and working towards his second exhibition.

Check out Shakey's Facebook and Instagram pages.

You can also find his story on Today Tonight here.

Bell Tower Times

When we were thinking of someone to write about some of our awesome Barons who are each unique Perth characters, only one local publisher came to mind...

Bell Tower Times is one of WA's leading online satirical commentators, operating via their blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence and followed by over 200,000 Western Australians. In recent years, Bell Tower Times has rapidly gained a huge and loyal  local following with regular published content commonly reaching up to and over 1 million people.

Establishing themselves as the comical authority on WA issues, local news, classic Perth stereotypes, caricatures and other authentically local absurdities, they have again been generating controversy surrounding ongoing news events in 2017 such as the Gay Marriage plebiscite, the AFL’s Western Derby, Pauline Hanson and more.

We decided to join forces with Bell Tower Times after asking them to get in on a collab by penning caricatures of three of our Barons. Each who are real people with real industry knowledge and great representatives of the suburbs they’re found in.

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Liquor Barons Commissions And Collaborations With Perth Visual Artists

Each morning I drink coffee from cafes around Perth, many of whom use take-away cups with featured artists or artworks on them. They range from cool to really epic, and it begs the question: Why aren't we doing something with our bottle bags?

We are an independent premium wine/beer/spirits retailer, it makes sense that we support local, independent artists. So here we are.  

We commission Perth artists to create 3 original designs in black and white to be printed onto paper bottle bags: single bottle, double and triple bottle, each bag has a different artwork. We leave the focus of each design is entirely up to the artist, our only stipulation is the design be reflective of the artist's style. The series of three bag is printed as a limited run, and distributed to Liquor Barons stores, ready for you.

We hope you learn about a local artist you may not have heard about before, that you have something new to talk about, and most importantly, support a local artist who is leading in their field. This project is unique in Australia - we are the first liquor group to do it, but I wager we won't be the last.