Left to Organise Your Staff Christmas Party?

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We’ve all been there, glaring at the top of our desk as the boss decides someone should take control of planning the office Christmas party. An enthusiastic gaze comes to a halt on you as the boss declares how fabulous you were at pulling off last week’s coffee run. Before you know it, you’re asked to take charge of party-planning despite the mountain-load of work you have to get through before the holiday break.

After a long internal groan so loud, your co-workers seem to have heard it, you reluctantly agree but where to start with all that pressure of throwing a bangin’ birthday party for Jesus, resting solely upon your head? Don’t panic, LBHQ have got you. Take a deep breath, set your Spotify to a Christmas carol playlist and follow these steps below to have the whole thing sewn up tighter a stuffed turkey. 

Here's our top ideas to make your office party an all-out staff steamer this Christmas:

Option A ($) – Quite Literally, An Office Party

  • Perhaps the business didn’t quite do as well as last year and the company accounts are looking a little tight. A great way to stay in the boss’ good books and save a little extra this Christmas would be to cut costs on getting a venue by throwing your staff soiree at the office.
  • Pop around the corner on your next lunch break and come have a chat with some of our staff at your local LB and they will help choose the booze for you and deliver it back to the office when it's needed. We can even bust out some glassware with your delivery so everyone can avoid drinking from those grotesque coffee cups no one ever seems to wash properly.
  • Be prepared for a little extra steam to be blown off given everyone is sick of spending their lives in the office already but it will be well worth it to put some money saved towards more food, booze and entertainment (provided the carpets can take it). Desks will be danced on, butt cheek print-outs will be copied and the boardroom will be leased out as temporary bunk accommodation...
  • Kmart has some fantastic party supplies you can get around on the cheap too. We love the 3 Pack Pineapple Honeycombs!

Option B ($$) – Park BBQ Picnic

  • If you're convinced your work colleagues won’t be able to spend a second longer in the office but still don’t want to break the budget, then a barbeque picnic in a local park seems like the obvious answer.
  • Why not rent out a tipi tent instead of everyone piling around a boring  picnic table for a fantastic, unique atmosphere. Under The Little Top is a local tipi rental company that won't break the bank and still looks great once set up.
  •  For some added entertainment, rent some inflatable sumo suits and buy red and white cloth and Santa hats. Divide staff into two teams to decorate their sumo suits to look like Santa before a Sumo-Santa smack down breaks out.
  • If that doesn't fill your stocking, rent out some bubble, I mean 'baubble' soccer gear for the ultimate park crowd-pleaser.
  • All those body-slams will surely be thirsty work and it's important to remember nobody likes a warm beer. As well as delivering your booze we can also provide the ice and esky so it at least feels like a traditional white Christmas when you pop that lid.

Option C ($$) – Bring Your Own

  • Nothing is more sacred in the corporate realm than the long lunch. Keep the tradition alive over the festive season with a staff party that will have a lot less snooze and a lot more booze by opting to hold your event at a BYO restaurant. 
  • A BYO means the menu will be catered for and you only have to focus on one thing.... the booze. Grabbing it before hand will allow you to budget for a much nicer venue and menu but will also allow you choose exactly what your coworkers love to drink!
  • Take a quick office survey and come and talk it over with one of our team at your local LB. If you bring them a list they will even help you find something special for every staff member and deliver it all to the office or venue.
  • For an extra-festive time, Book out a BYO Kareoke bar for the night rather than a restaurant table for lunch. Wait for the Xmas carols to come out. It doesn't take long.

Here are our top 5 Perth BYO venues to throw your staff soiree: 

  1.  Uncle Billy's, Northbridge
  2. Prego, Perth ( BYO 3 days\week)
  3. Three Coins, Mt Lawley
  4.  The Modern Eatery, Fremantle
  5. Crown Kareoke Bar, Northbridge (BYO wine & sparkling only) 

Option D ($$$) – A party is Best On The Boat At Rottnest

  • So maybe everyone’s hit their bonuses this year and the office is heading to Rotto on the back of a boat charter, next stop - Longreach Bay. This is obviously the luxe option on the list as most charters don't come cheap.
  • A back-of-the-boat party off Rotto wouldn't be complete without some local crays for lunch. Don't forget to tell someone to bring a mask and snorkel to save costs on catering.
  • What else would you want to drink other than local brewery Gage Roads - Named after the strip of ocean between Fremantle and Rotto, heavily frequented by surfers, sailors and sharks alike. Gage's Narrow Neck Session Ales provide a flavoursome mid-strength option to keep coworkers somewhat respectably satisfied for the long voyage.
  • Champers or a delicious Provencal rose will always keep the office smiling from ear to ear when the sun is shining. Who wouldn't want a glass of bubbles while enjoying that sweet boat-life? Opt for a light, easy drinking,  luxe champagne in the Veuve Clicquot and back it up with our current Wine of the Month: Lavendette Rosé as the perfect option B.
  • Your local LB store can deliver your drinks right down to the boat's jetty to keep things smooth sailing on the day.
  • For those that are getting a bit bored on the boat all afternoon, why not book one of Rotto's newest activities - Archery Tag  to burn some of those Chrissy calories.

There's only a few weeks left before we all clock off for the year so remember - your time to organise the ultimate staff shindig is running out.

Talk to the staff at your local Liquor Barons today about how we can help facilitate your X-mas  party now.