What We're Drinking In November

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Your wallet is looking a bit thin after the race that stopped the nation,  Perth’s lush green verges are beginning to make way for arid dust bowls and bindi prickles. It spells the arrival of one thing; a sun-soaked season of summer festivals, warm nights, special occasions and champagne flutes.

With so many impending summer occasions requiring a celebratory toast on the horizon, or you know... it's Saturday... we thought we’d share what we’ll be drinking throughout November.

We’re excited about two new champagne arrivals to our stores, we know you're going to love them as much as we do. If you saw us at Melb cup: #1.  You know we love bubbles, and #2. Sorry.

Why do we love these so much? Simple, they're true French bubbles, and they won't break the bank. Perfect for taking when you pop over to your mate's place for a lazy BBQ, or you've got a celebratory drink with the in-laws and you can impress them with these tasty Frenchies.

Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Brut NV $39.99


Since 1785, Heidsieck & Co is one of France’s biggest and oldest champagne houses able to boast freely about the consistency of quality in every bottle they produce. Hervé Ladouce is the cellar director in charge of producing this champagne and is responsible for blending its long-standing tradition with a now, more contemporary market. This is also one of France’s top-selling Champagnes and a real local Frog favourite that you should definately also be drinking.

With a powerful and generous bouquet of woody and spicy notes, this is a rather buttery champagne with a toasty demeanour that holds a structured and balanced fruity taste very well. Heidsieck's Champagne is very Pinot Noir-centric, with the varietal making up close to 70% in each bottle. The rest is a blend of Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay.

The Blue Top Brut holds a pale straw yellow colour with very faint emerald accents. Suited for before meals as a highly vigorous aperitif or would go down an absolute treat with a few Rotto crays this summer. With such a widely recognised label and price that seems too good to be true for the next three months at $39.99, you’ll love us for this one. Serve chilled but not cold, at 7- 8° C.

Pommery Brut Royal NV $54.99


In 1857, the wool industry was in crisis, and Mr Pommery moved into the champagne trade to provide for his infant daughter. He died a year later in February 1858. The rest is history: the young widow Pommery took over the champagne business and led it on to success and glory.

Seeking to develop a champagne that was as dry as humanly possible but without rigidity, Pommery set about crafting the perfect sparkling wine. This was achieved with flying colours in 1874 when Pommery’s cellar director Victor Lambert announced the creation of a champagne in the Brut Royal that was very soft and velvety on the palate but above all else, screamed of finesse.

The aftermath was a revolution in Champagne met with sarcasm and disbelief which we are still enjoying the bennefits from today. It was an unprecedented success just like your summer barbecue will be in you uncork a bottle or two of this baby made up of three grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and about one-third Chardonnay.

This subtle blend is then aged in the Pommery cellars for about three years in order to develop its full aroma. Fresh, supple with a fruity finish. A composition that is light yet well-structured and full of charm. Again offered at an amazing value for the next three months at $54.99 at all Liquor Barons stores.