What does Santa drink at your house on Christmas Eve?


Ever wonder why old St. Nick’s is so jolly?

The standard thing at my place was to leave out a plate of biscuits and an ice cold beer for Santa. All that was left Christmas morning was a few crumbs and an empty glass.

We thought we'd take a quick look at what 'traditionally' gets left out for the Big Guy around the world, and let's be honest, your Mum/Dad always seemed to know what was Santa's favourite to leave out on Christmas Eve anyway.

North America

Santa loves eggnog and cookies in the United States and Canada. Once Boxing Day arrives its straight to the gym though to burn those calories! 



In Sweden, kids are visited by Santa’s Scandinavian counterpart 'Tomte' – a mythical Christmas folklore elf who comes to check whether children have been good all year.


Families leave out a warm cup of coffee or if Tomte is lucky he’ll get Karsk - a Scandinavian cocktail containing coffee together with moonshine or vodka, and sometimes a spoon of sugar. I feel like my Dad Santa would have loved this when I was a kid.


In England, there's a tradition of leaving a nip of Chrissie sherry for Father Christmas with some delicious fruit mince pies. Guess that's where the belly comes from.



Scottish kids leave Santa a glass of whisky and shortbread biscuits. Reminds me of an evening at my grandad's place, he kinda looked like this:



In Ireland, Santa fills up on pints of Guinness with fruit mince pies before he embarks on the long journey across the Atlantic. What better way to keep his belly full for the trip?




In Poland on Christmas Eve they serve fish and special hot Christmas mulled wines called 'Grzaniec Galicyjski' (grrzzah-nyets gah-leet-see-I-skee). Perfect to keep St. Nick nice and toasty in the Polish snow.



Like us Aussies, Argentinians get a boiling hot summer Christmas. What better way for Santa to keep cool as he races around South America than with a couple of chilled Sidras (a local cider) and some Pan Dulce (a South American sweetbread or pastry).



The Russian Santa Claus is known as Ded Moroz, which translates to Grandfather Frost. He enjoys being left a shot vodka, obvs.


Be Safe this Christmas

We reckon if Santa had one drink at every house he visited in Australia he'd be 8,999,997 times over the limit! We know you're all on Santa's nice list and drink responsibly.


Official Santa Tracker

Did you know NORAD tracks Santa over radar on Christmas eve? You can watch him make his way through his global route live and make sure you're prepped with beer/vodka/Guinness  & biscuits/fruit mince pies/Pan Dulce.

Find out when he'll be dropping into your place here.