2017 A Year in Review


According to our records,
you guys were pretty busy this year…

You drank 146 million litres of beer.

Enough to fill 59 Olympic Swimming Pools!

Beer Pool - Image Source  here

Beer Pool - Image Source here

Craft Beer is on the up! 

Consumption increased by 1.17 million litres


WA loves Sport - Emu Export that is. 

You drank 4.16 millions more cans than last year!


Do you love rosé? 

Yassssss! You drank nearly half a million more bottles in 2017 than 2016.


Go Goon!

Despite your apparent sophisticated Craft Beer and rosé tastes - you still drank 11.1 million litres of Goon.


Gin is on the up!

22,000 more bottles drunk and your drinking fancier gin.