Top 5 no-fuss beers – and why you need to get retro


The craft beer revolution is taking over us all.  You have even started to forget about Australia’s old favourites: EB, Sports and VB.  And so here we are – drenched in endless craft, and close to forgetting our blue-collar roots.  Allow us to give you a refresher.


1. Emu Export

“Affectionately referred to as “Bush Chook”, “Red Can”, and good ol’ “Sports”, Emu Export is WA’s favourite beer.  Perfect for taking 4WD’ing, fishing, and anywhere else that requires booze that doesn’t weigh much.  Also suited to BBQ’s, parties, and porches.  Comes in a convenient 30 can block that crushes down to nothing.  Wide mouth can is an extra plus.”

How MUCH do we love it?

$56.1 million spent on Sports in WA alone, 2016


2. VB

“We couldn’t really have summed this beer up better than they did here:

Hooke: It smells like a beer mat.

McDonald: It covers the entire palate with its plasticine thing but also coats your teeth, kind of. It's a weird one.

Pereira: Out of all the lagers we've had it's probably the cleanest and the driest.

Hargreave: It's something I can imagine drinking in an RSL on a Saturday and having eight or nine of them. Sorry, I mean three or four.

Other names for VB:  Green Death, tinnie of Green, Vomit Bomb, can of Vic, Very Best.

How MUCH do we love it?

$33 million spent on VB in WA alone, 2016


3. Coopers Pale

“So maybe the religious debacle* didn’t hurt the brand as much as we thought!  West Australians spent a fair bit on this beer in 2016. An English Pale Ale in style, pours a hazel colour and features a Best AFTER Date which has confused many a customer.  Famously unfiltered - lees remain in the bottle.  Don't forget to roll it before you drink it."  

“Can get a bit heavy on the stomach after a 6 pack – but that’s a good time to move to the Scotch.” – Review found on net.

How MUCH do we love it?

$27.9 million spent on Coopers Pale in WA alone, 2016

*if you missed it, catch an overview here:


4. Carlton Draught

“Has to be drunk in a pint, from a tap.  Clean and fresh- not a lot going on – but at the height of summer, what exactly do you want?  A country pub favourite.”

Other names for Carlton Draught: White Can, Whitey

How MUCH do we love it?

$11.7 million spent on Carlton Draught in WA alone, 2016


5.  Emu Bitter

The drier, more bitter (higher IBU) brother to the red can.

“Nevertheless, there is nothing like an icy Emu on hot dry day to clear the cobwebs.”  - found on beer review forum

Other names for Emu Bitter: EB, Bush Chook, Flightless Bird,

How MUCH do we love it?

$10.5 million dollars spent on Emu Bitter in 2016 in WA alone


If all this has you thinking, “Jeez… Burke and Wills passed through here too… and they died of thirst”, that doesn’t have to be your fate.  Head into your local Liquor Barons store to avoid your own imminent demise. 




Oh alright.  An encore.


6. Swan Draught

“A contentious beer to say the least.  Swanny D (as it is known amongst locals) is well-known to be best, fresh on tap… pity it’s not brewed in WA anymore.  With a long history (first brewed in 1857) and a clean, dry, crisp taste – this is on the list for a good reason."

“When it’s on tap it’s beaut”

How MUCH do we love it? 

$7.6 million spent on Swanny D in WA alone, 2016