SEARCH FOR THE HOLY GRAIL: The Perfect $10 Wine – does it exist?

"Indy, In Latin, Jacob  begins  with an "I"..." 

"Indy, In Latin, Jacob begins with an "I"..." 

Finding a worthy 10 buck chuck – it’s harder than you think. 

It can make you feel like you’re on a never-ending quest that rewards you with hangovers that weren’t worth it. You start to understand what it would be like to be a pilgrim in an unholy land.

There’s plenty on the shelf that’ll give you change from a blue swimmer, but would you go back a second time?  Like bad pennies – the s*** ones always seem to turn up.

So, after tasting our way through many (many) chucks, we can confidently tell you:  you’re about to witness the best discoveries in the history of mankind:

Indy knows the real deal when he sees it

Indy knows the real deal when he sees it

1.  Houghton Red Classic ~$9.99

So this little baby is pretty much available everywhere, and it’s easy to overlook on account of its prevalence, but we can assure you this is just about the holy grail of value wine.  Not only is it consistently good vintage after vintage, it also gets up in wine shows – which is no mean feat given the calibre and variety of its competitive set.  With more structure and varietal integrity than its $10 pricetag gives it credit for, it's no surprise this came up tops.


2.  Fifth Leg Red ~$10*

*WA’s other darling value red and not ALWAYS under $10.  But when it is under $10... 


3.  De Bortoli Sacred Hill Shiraz ~$7

All things considered (ok what we mean is: it’s $7 or less on sale... so….) these Sacred Hill wines are crackers.  Juicy, vibrant, plush and full of convincing fruit that help you forget there is only minimal structure on the palate.  It’s reassuring that De Bortoli (family owned company) make so much of this wine each year – no dead horses are being flogged here that's for sure...

4.  Stoneberry Premium Red, WA ~$8

Simple and delicious – makes the fact that this has little to no structure totally irrelevant.  Drink it.

5.  McGuigan Black Label Red ~$7

Silky smooth, plush and concentrated.  South Eastern Australian red blend: somewhat like mystery meat (not RW Satay off the beach) – you don’t quite know what’s in it.... "dry red" doesn't cover it.  But you also don’t really care.  It tastes great.  Bottoms up.

6.  De Bortoli Sacred Hill Cabernet Merlot ~$7

The perfect wine to smash with your mates over some mid-week burgers.  As we said about the Sacred Hill Shiraz – these are no-brainers, get stuck in.

7.  Jacobs Creek Classic Shiraz Cabernet ~$9

Ýou can usually be comforted by the fact that when a big company releases an ‘entry level’ wine, that it’s going to be pretty good.  JC Classic wines are regularly featured in “Top…” lists from wine writers around the country, so if it’s good enough for them… Keep in mind JC also is responsible for St Hugo Shiraz Cab and we all love that.  Think of this as the (cheap) baby bro.

8.  Yellow Tail Big Bold Red ~$10

Another mystery meat wine, but not to be sneezed at.  Yellow Tail wines have the highest production output of any Australian winery, remain family owned, and are seeded all over the world.  Might as well see what every other country sees when they think of Aussie red wine…

9.  Angove Long Row Cabernet Sauvignon ~$10

Everything from this range is epic.  Good quality.  Reliable.  Juicy.  Simple packaging. WE LIKE. There's plenty for the Elsa's in the Long Row range (see below for Elsa), including moscato, riesling, savvy, pinot G, chardy and bubbles.

For all the Elsa's out there who won't touch red regardless of the season.... this next one's for you

For all the Elsa's out there who won't touch red regardless of the season.... this next one's for you

10.  Windsong Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc $9.99

It’s winter, yet you’re still drinking chilled savvy.  Hmmm.  Whatever – did you know that nationally Aussies spent OVER $630 million on NZ Sav Blanc in 2016?  SAV-alanche..

We've made sure you've chosen, wisely. (via GIPHY)