Ray Jordan can read the future? CONFIRMED

You may have noticed Ray Jordan's Top 100 Red Wines released on the 20th of July.  You may not have (maybe you live in a cave), however we like to cross-check all great reviews with results at wine shows, just to confirm what we already know - that Ray has a great palate and is our go-to source for great wine recommendations.

Well - he's done it again.  One of his listed top wines - the Houghton Crofters Shiraz 2014 has just won a GOLD MEDAL at the very recent Royal Sydney Wine Show.


This wine is not only a GOLD MEDAL winner at one of the country's great capital city wine shows, it is also selected from 650 of its peers by Ray in an independent tasting.

The guys at Houghton must be onto something.  Or Ray is onto something.  Or we're onto something....  

Regardless - pop into your local Liquor Barons store and see if they've got any of this baby left - irresistable at under $20!.