What to do on Valentine's Day if You're Single


Stuck on the couch by yourself this week?

Let us remedy the situation with our ideas on how to enjoy a romantic evening for one this Valentine's Day...

Candle-lit dinner for You & Your fur-bae

Who gives you more unconditional love than your loyal, lovable doggo or fluffy feline friend?

Spending the day or evening spoiling your furry soulmate is an awesome idea if your human companions don’t seem as deserving.


Let Fido sit at the table just this once. Set the ambience with some candles and don’t skip out by giving your date the last couple of Shmacko’s. Cook your fur-bae something you can both really enjoy together… You know, people food.

While you're at it, fill their drinking bowl with a bit of non alcoholic wine or Ribena if they prefer their vino a little sweet. For your own glass, a great idea is to pair your doggo's breed to a wine style. Here's a great Vinepair article which breaks down which wines go with which pupperino.

*If sitting at the table is going to encourage bad manners, try stooping to their level and set a lower lying coffee table. Don’t forget to unfold your guest’s napkin and top up their drinking bowl once they’re seated.

*Reward for anyone who sends in a great pic!

A very unromantic Movie marathon

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned movie marathon featuring anything but a soppy romance or chick flick on Valentine's Day? Some good titles:

Thelma and Louise (1991) - A fierce story of freedom and friendship. Break out a bottle of bourbon and a couple of dirty glasses with your BFF for this one.

I Love You Man (2009) - the Ultimate Bromance film. Grab your best mate, sink a few Budweisers and check out this epic comedy. You'll be Slappin-da-bayyse all night long.


Muriel's Wedding (1994) - Remember Muriel? She's terrible but we still love her. This film will make you laugh, cry and jump with glee as you sing along to Dancing Queen. Crack out the Chardonnay or sparkling wine for this Aussie classic.

CAUTION: Avoid this film if you really hate ABBA.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) - This is a winner, through and through. Especially if you've just gotten out of a long term relationship. Phew! Time to unwind in tropical Hawaii with a pina colada. Grab a bit of white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice. It's a match made in paradise.

Die Hard 1-6 - Yippie-Ki-Yay, Motherf***er! It wouldn't be a real movie marathon without an advanced option for all you hardcore couch surfers. Revisit these puppies, you'll thank us later. Oh and to drink? Well if John Mclean was an Aussie, we're pretty sure he'd be sinking a couple of tinnies of VB or Bush Chook because he just doesn't give a damn what he drinks.

Do you have what it takes to get through all 6?


Galentine’s \ Palentine’s Day


Traditionally celebrated by Leslie Nope and friends a day early on Feb 13th, Galentine’s is a hallowed day to celebrate your loyal sisterhood of friends and to simply let women honour women… but men can join in too.


Why not push this date back 24 hours and host a gathering for all of your  friends to celebrate Valentine’s together? #WeRunTheWorld

Pop some bubbles and organise a Secret Valentine’s -
(like Secret Santa but secret admirers are revealed at midnight!)

Here are some other Galentine's Day activity ideas by Buzzfeed.

For all your single mates who rock up, you could always play a game of tinder roulette while your probability of scoring a date is likely at its highest percentage all year…

Visit Fringe World  

Grabbing a bunch of your mates and heading out to catch some shows at Fringe World can be loads of fun. If the chaos that is Fringe can't take your mind of all that romance, I'm not sure anything will!


*Dont forget anyone with a scratchie which can be collected when you buy a carton  of Gage Roads from any Liquor Barons store, will score yourself a free pint of Gage Roads Single Fin or win a massive Fringe experience for you and 9 mates!

Go out and have a great time without having to bother putting on your makeup.
Over at the YMCA at 6.40pm, No Lights No Lyrca is a private rave in the dark to a playlist of upbeat bangers so you can dance the night away without a care in the world or anyone seeing that you don't have a Valentine's date. Wednesday is Beyonce Beats night, perfect for all those single ladies.

No Lights No Lycra  at Fringe World.

No Lights No Lycra at Fringe World.


If you're a bit sweaty after a dance, head to what seems to be everyone's favourite show over at the Ice Cream Factory to cool down. From the creators of La Soiree which sold out three years running, comes Club Swizzle at 8.00pm. An irresistibly cheeky cabaret show equipped with gravity defying acrobatic mayhem and infectious musical revelry.

Monkey Business at Fringe World.

Monkey Business at Fringe World.


For something a little more risque, head over to the Voodoo Lounge at 8.30pm. Despite being the last place you want to be caught dead on Valentine's Day, Monkey Business looks incredible and a riot of a good time. Described as "an adult version of Hey Hey It's Saturday".