Last Minute Valentine's Day Date Ideas


Are you about to leave work with nothing planned for Valentine's Day tonight?

It's ok, slow down, catch your breath.

You aren't screwed, just scroll down...

Play Hooky

What’s more romantic than chucking a sickie together, err I mean being unable leave each other’s side, even for work?

You and your lover could always plan to leave work together at lunch and say you had an afternoon appointment or because you're feeling ill. Spend the rest of the day in bed instead!


Make sure you actually both get the afternoon off though!

Worst case scenario: You’re at home alone because your partner couldn’t pull off a convincing enough fake cough.

If you do find yourself at home alone, use the time to plan a romantic night with some of the below suggestions!

Couples Yoga

Bloom Partner Yoga for Lovers in Duncraig.

Bloom Partner Yoga for Lovers in Duncraig.

Why not try your luck for a romantic evening with a bit of 'Partner Yoga for Lovers' over at Bloom Yoga in Duncraig.

Develop some strength, fitness and awareness together with your partner and other like-minded couples.

This is a great unconventional idea for a date that’ll get you communicating, working together, up close and intimate with one another and most importantly, having loads of fun as a couple!

Stop in at our Duncraig store to say Hi to our Barons Andrew & Michael who share a combined industry experience of over 50 years. While you're there,  pick up a 6 pack of beers or a bottle of wine to enjoy after your class.

Andrew & Michael over at Liquor Barons Duncraig.

Andrew & Michael over at Liquor Barons Duncraig.


If you behave yourself, and you’re lucky, then bae might agree to go to Boo Ze Yin Beer Yoga in Burswood next time.

Building a Love Garden

 Spend a whole day together in the backyard planting together. Don’t forget a few ice cold white rum mojitos with fresh mint from the backyard as you dig.


As a final gift, bae gets a brand new garden of love to enjoy for years to come.

Pinot & A Painting Class with Bob Ross  

This one requires a bit of prep and planning but looks like a blast.

Duck out of the office early to visit the art supplies store. Grab a bottle of Pinot, two easels, canvases and a couple of paintbrushes. Pop Bob Ross on Youtube.

Your partner should walk in the door to a glass of vino and softly candle-lit room while Bob whispers quietly about how fun it is to wash his brushes.


Follow along carefully and "beat the devil out if it" all night long.

Python & Pizza Night

Avoid those cliche romance flicks at all costs today.

All the Monty Python movies are an epic choice for a movie marathon night, they'll never get old.


Cue up your favourites while you pick up a quality pizza to munch on and listen to the cries of the sacred word "Nee" or talk of shrubberies.

Build a Time Capsule

This is a great way to declutter all that sentimental relationshipy crap nostalgia you and your partner can't bring yourselves to throw out. Bury it in the backyard instead!

Throw in some cool items you would love to rediscover and rummage through in half a century with your partner.


While you're turning the house upside down looking for things to send heroicly into the future, why not mix up some appropriately themed Time Traveller cocktails?

Write tiny fortune cookie-sized love notes to one another and fill the empty Tanqueray bottle with them to add your time capsule.