#Ginology: Lazy to Elaborate cocktail guide


The Slacker - The Gin & Tonic

Gin + Tonic + Lemon. This drink is so god damn easy to make! You could go crazy with what you garnish it with and just about anything in back garden will work (you know, if you can be bothered). You can whip one of these puppies up and be back on the couch while the ad breaks are still in full swing!

Check out our fave G&T garnishes we whipped up at LBHQ for some deliciously simple ideas.

The Eager Entertainer - The Poor Toms Negroni

Image: Baking Bites

Image: Baking Bites

Looking to impress while still keeping things relatively simple. The Negroni is one of the trendiest drinks to entertain friends at home. For a bit of a fruity twist on an
original – try using Poor Tom’s Sydney Dry Gin in your mix with a few fresh strawberries to compliment this gin’s infused Strawberry gum leaves and Granny-smith apples.

To make:
1. Fill a mixing glass with loads of ice.
2. Pour in 1 shot of Poor Toms Gin.
3. Pour in 1 shot of sweet vermouth.
4. Pour 1 shot of Campari.
5. Thoroughly stir your Poor Tom's Negroni before pouring it into a tumbler glass.
6. Garnish with strawberries instead and a twist of citrus.

The Pro - Barbados Gin Punch

Recipe taken from:  BonAppetit .

Recipe taken from: BonAppetit.


We all need that one recipe we can rely on to really impress our mates and wow any dates you bring home. Well, this is it. Turn up the Beach Boys and break out the cocktail umbrellas for this show stopper. 

To make:
1. Whisk 1 bottle of gin, 6 cups of coconut water, 1/4 cup of lime juice, 1/4 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of dry curaçao liqueur in a large bowl until all the sugar is dissolved.
2. Chill until ice cold (at least 1 hour but for best results aim for 4).
3. Saw through a bunch of coconut shells to create serving cups (They don't have to look perfect!).
4.Ladle your punch into ice-filled coconut shells.
5. Garnish each with a sprig of mint, lime wedge and of course your cocktail umbrellas.
6. Whacky straws: Optional.