#Ginology: Gin & Tonic drinkers May Be Psychopaths

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We’re doing #ginology here at LBHQ, but if you’re looking to kick back and chill with a cheeky G&T tonight, we might have a bit of bad news for you…

According to research by gin-thusiasts psychologists out of Innsbruck University in Austria, people who particularly enjoy very bitter drinks like a gin and tonic also tend to possess more malevolent personality traits.

In other words, you might be a psychopath, don’t blame us - it’s SCIENCE!

We’re not saying you’re Christian Bale in American Psycho if you enjoy a bit of gin, but suddenly all my years as a bartender finally make sense when I would be abused for being ill-equipped with a patron’s fave G&T garnish.

Source:  Etsy

Source: Etsy


To arrive at their results, psychologists surveyed approximately 1,000 participants, asking them to rank a variety of flavours before taking a personality questionnaire.

Their hypothesis was that a correlation could be made between our personality and the flavours we enjoy. According to their logic, both personality traits and flavour preferences develop early on during childhood, when you might be falling in love with Mum’s vegemite toast for the first time or dissecting the neighbourhood cat (hopefully not).

Bitterness naturally evolved as flavour to act as a warning sign something might be toxic to ingest. In effect, those who prefer getting around more bitter flavours might actually be getting a thrill from tasting something potentially harmful.

G&T lovers aren’t the only ones in the crosshairs. IPA drinkers, black coffee addicts even those of us who love to a piece of toast with vegemite for breakky made the list of being likely to share such negative traits.

People who love these kinds of flavours are “…likely to exhibit signs of Machiavellianism, sadism and narcissism. That is, they’re more prone to being duplicitous, cold-hearted and lacking in empathy, vain and selfish, and more likely to derive pleasure in other’s pain.”

Source:  Express.co.uk

It seems the more you crave bitter flavours, the darker or more malevolent your personality may be. So that gin loving Queen of ours could actually be a reptilian overlord after all.

Psychopaths or not, I’ve come a long with my G&T game since my days behind a bar. Check out all these epic garnish combos we whipped up in the office last week.