If you won a year of free booze? What would you choose?

This is for you, if you’ve ever gone camping, and found yourself sitting around the campfire at 7pm with dinner an already distant memory.  It’s too early to go to bed, it’s dark, you’ve run out of marshmallows, and you’re scraping the conversational barrel for anything that doesn’t involve work, or any topic that will remind you of the city and returning back to reality.  We have ALL reached for the “if you won lotto, how would you spend it?” chat (alongside the classic ‘if there was a zombie apocalypse, would you be ready?’).

So this one’s for you: the way we see it, there’s three ways to approach the ‘if you won a year’s supply of booze, what would you buy?’ that really do define who you are as a person.


1)      THE SHOPPER:

You’re the kind of person who will use the great fortune, nay, the boon, of a year’s free booze and spend the dollars on something you wouldn’t normally buy (IE not your weekly 6-pack of beer, and a bottle of $10 NZ Sav).  You’re more interested in building that whisky collection based on great, hard-to-find, limited edition and frankly ballin’ whiskies.  Or maybe fizz is more your thing… prestige cuvee all the way.

2)      THE MISER:

This type of person uses the year’s supply of booze to pay for what they’re already buying.  You won’t spend a cent on booze this year – you’re happy not to up your booze game.  In fact, you think your current taste in booze is fine.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, you say.  Might as well save some money along the way.   Tighter than a fish's proverbial, and proud of it.

3)      THE DREAMER:

From the sublime to the ridiculous – you save up all the dollars for one big bang that even the late, great Stephen Hawking would raise his eyebrows at: You just want a bottle (or two) of the Hennessy Paradis Extra Rare Cognac.  That’s not asking too much, is it?

Which one are you?