WTFresh I just want an ice cold beer, give me 5 NOW

When you are so monumentally over the 'craft beer thing', and all you want is an ice cold beer, like, now.  Beer used to be simple!    

Simple is not a bad thing.  In fact, ‘to enjoy the simple things’ is a saying for good reason.


1.      Emu Export – this beer is honest, simple, and when enjoyed ice cold straight from the can, this really does hit the spot #bushchook


2.      Heineken stubby – Dutch, fresh, cold.  A lager that has been around for ages.  It’s refreshing, and even though all your craft beer mates love fancy beers, they’ll still line up for one of these bad boys when the NEIPAs run dry.


3.      Like it dark?  We feel you.  Guinness.  Gimme. There’s nothing like watching the bartender pour the first half of the pint, serving someone else while the head settles, then topping it up and passing that ice cold cream stout over your way.  Keep your fancy 5,000IBU stouts.  I just want a good old Guinness.


4.      Corona – this cops a lot of flak, but it is the beer that West Australian’s spend the most on year to year.  Around $80 million annually actually. 

C Draught.jpg

5.      Carlton Draught – a surprisingly magnificent draught beer when simple is best.  When there’s a fresh keg, and it’s a hot day, this is the go.  It doesn’t get simpler than this.