Biccies + Beer: Diary of an Arnott's Assorted Cream Lover


Surely we can't be the only ones with a) with a serious soft spot for Arnott's Assorted Cream, and b) lovers of beer.  Naturally, we found ourselves with biccies in one hand, but which beer in the other?

Kingstons Cream (the one with choc cream)

The rich, creamy chocolate filling is sandwiched between two biscuits.  They’re always the last ones left in the jar in the office.  We think they’d probably be consumed a little faster if they were paired with a rich Rye IPA, like the Ruthless Rye from Sierra Nevada.  This is a full bodied, rich and balanced IPA, with aromas of spicy honey, malt, exotic dark fruits, plum and cracked pepper on the nose.  The taste is surprisingly juicy, with decent malt richness, blood orange, pine, black spice and a fair whack of balanced hop bitterness through the finish.

Delta Cream (the chocolate one)

Australia’s humble answer to the Oreo (aka the Poor Man’s Oreo).  It’s a 'favourite' in the Arnott’s Assorted Cream packet but it really could do with a nudge in the right direction by a rich Trappist .  We’d recommend something with a more friendly IBU count than the Sierra Nevada above (think sub 30’s) like the Westmalle Trappist Dubbel.  99/100 on Ratebeer (for good reason ja).  Aromas of ripe bananas, bitter chocolate, rich malt and hints of fruit cake pave the way for a palate steeped in fig, malt, dark hints of coffee and mild hop bitterness.  Finishes long and dry; a perfect foil for the sweet biscuit.

Spot on Campbell, bravo.

Spot on Campbell, bravo.

Shortbread Cream (the second best one in the pack)

The Shortbread Cream is everyone’s second favourite biscuit in the Arnott’s Assorted Cream selection.  This has all the buttery goodness of a shortbread, amplified by a swipe of cream between two biscuits.  Delicious.  We’re going to Normandy, to pair this with a rich, complex, bottle aged cidre (sealed under cork, of course).  The lovely stewed apple characteristics of one of these Frenchies will cut right through the fat and cream in the biscuit, which will in turn complement the yeasty complexity of the cidre. So, which is it?  It is without question, the Etienne Dupont Cidre Bouché Brut de Normandie.  This cidre pours a clear golden, with a clean apple scent, laced with summer pear, citrus florals and warm baked brioche.  The palate is everything we hoped (!), with more complexity, richness of flavour and plump mouthfeel.  Jeepers – Shortbread Creams just got a promotion. 

Monte Carlo (the best one - no question)

Just eat these before anyone else gets a chance. Don’t wait for the beer.

Orange Slice (the orange one that no one eats)

Apparently these have had a ‘passionate fan base since 1922’ but we don’t know anyone who likes them.  Thankfully, the sweet orange icing sandwiched between two biscuits makes for an easy beer match! We would match this with the Hitachino Nest White Ale.  Brewed in Japan, with orange peel, coriander and nutmeg, this gentle but spicy and refreshing whit bier is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Try it with a fresh slice of orange, and an Orange Slice.  Capiche?  


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