Meet the Barons

Here at Liquor Barons, the people who work in the stores, own the stores. 

We are not a franchise, or a faceless chain, we are a co-operative of independent retailers.   We are proud to be exclusively West Australian, and work hard to provide interesting and varied selections of booze to all of our locals around this great state.  

To show you who we are, we've spent time going around and talking to our store owners and asking them about themselves, so that we can introduce them, to you.  You probably already know the people who run your local, but do you know the others?

Terry, Herdsman Liquor Barons


This is Terry.  Terry represents the third generation of Bradbeers, fine wine store retailers in Perth - a position that he takes very seriously.  ‘Herdies’, as it is affectionately known, has a long reputation for fine customer service and expansive knowledge – propagated by his much loved, late father-in-law Peter, and continued today, by Terry.  We asked him what his favourite wine was: “Atzes Corner Zen Masters - it’s a great wine; we all enjoy it. I’m a big fan of Barossa reds and being a fine wine store this is what I would recommend the most.” 

Did you know: Terry has been serving as a Combat Engineer since 2009 with the Australian Army Reserve, and he’s worked up on the mines across WA for the last decade as a diesel mechanic. So not only could he fix yer big truck on a battlefield, he can also get his way around a fine wine store, like Herdsman.   

 Did we mention he is also a commercial diver with over 700 descents on his log– specialising in the dark and claustrophobic?  Is there anything this man can’t do…?

Liquor Barons Herdsman

Shop 5 / 1 Flynn Street
Churchlands, WA, 6018

Phone: 08 9387 4222

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday  9.00am - 8.30pm
Sunday & Public holidays 10.00am - 6.00pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday