Meet The Barons - Ben, Mt Hawthorn

We Are Not A Franchise, Or A Faceless Chain, We Are A Co-Operative Of Independent Retailers.

Here At Liquor Barons, The People Who Work In The Stores, Own The Stores. We are proud to be exclusively West Australian, and work hard to provide interesting and varied selections of booze to all of our locals around this great state.  

To show you who we are, we've spent time going around and talking to our store owners and asking them about themselves, so that we can introduce them, to you.  You probably already know the people who run your local, but do you know the others?


Liquor Barons Mt Hawthorn

We spend 5 minutes with Ben Marini (owner of Mt Hawthorn), about how he ended a career almost four decades long in the banking and finance sector, to fulfil his lifelong dream of owning a liquor store.

LBHQ: Talk to us about how you got here…

Ben: “The company I worked for did a big restructure and offered me a national role in Sydney.  I thought of all the things keeping me in Perth; a daughter getting married, grandkids, we were building a house… so I opted for early retirement so I could stay in WA.  Not long after that, my brother-in-law moved here from Italy and we began throwing around ideas about a business.  My wife reminded me “if you ever left the bank you said you’d buy a liquor shop.”  She was right.  So we started looking, and eventually found the right store for us – Liquor Barons in Mt Hawthorn.  Not long afterwards, we really started expanding the Single Malt and premium whisky selection.  We specialise in whiskey now, with over 100 different labels in store – of which more than 70 are premium, or single malt.  As things developed, we’ve become more and more specialised, to the point where I now carry 8 different Japanese whiskies (and 4 Sakes) and usually sell the limited batch or rare bottles out within a day or less, of posting them to our Facebook page.  We’re becoming known for it. 

“If I can get my hands on the age-statement whiskies I do – It’s hard to get the stuff coming out of Japan.”

I’ve got one bottle left of the hard-to-find Hibiki Harmony with three on their way… but after that – that’s it.  They’re not exporting it outside of Japan anymore as demand has risen so much that they can’t make enough.”



Have you got any whisky events coming up?   

Ben: “Yes! Our very first actually.  We are teaming up with Pirate Bar across the road, and are hosting a Glenfiddich 5 Course Degustation Dinner.  We are offering strictly limited seats, and tickets are available either through the Pirate Bar website, or instore at Liquor Barons Mt Hawthorn.  It will be on the evening of July 13th, and we’ve not settled on a ticket price yet, but likely they will be under $100.” 

When: Friday, July 13th

Where: Pirate Bar, Private Room, 25 Green St, Mount Hawthorn WA 6016

Time: Evening (time TBC)

Cost: < $100pp


27 Green Street
Mt Hawthorn, WA, 6016

Phone: 08 9444 2097

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday  9.00am - 8.00pm
Friday - Saturday  9.00am - 9.00pm
Sunday & Holidays 11.00am - 7.00pm
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday