Meet the Barons: Denise at Wembley

We Are Not A Franchise, Or A Faceless Chain, We Are A Co-Operative Of Independent Retailers.

Here At Liquor Barons, The People Who Work In The Stores, Own The Stores. We are proud to be exclusively West Australian, and work hard to provide interesting and varied selections of booze to all of our locals around this great state.  

To show you who we are, we've spent time going around and talking to our store owners and asking them about themselves, so that we can introduce them, to you.  You probably already know the people who run your local, but do you know the others?


If the Wembley Downs store is your local, then two things are for sure: 1) you know Denise: she is vivacious, charming, has a vast knowledge on all things wine, and is no sufferer of fools; 2) you’re a loyal customer. 

As they say, once you go to Wembley, there’s nowhere else... or something along those lines. 

When we asked Denise if she could recommend us a wine to take home with us, she didn’t hesitate – Leeuwin Estate was her first port of call.  We couldn’t be happier – they’re one of our favourites too. “Leeuwin put WA on the map internationally with their Art Series chardonnay.  It consistently rates among the highest critic scores for chardonnay in the country, and every vintage that we try we love.  We’re proud supporters of Leeuwin Estate and all the wines that they make.” 

Denise was immortalised by Belltower Times and Shakey Jakey when we featured her as one of the characters in our Paper Bag Project Series III


Shop 1 / 11 Bournemouth Crescent
Wembley Downs, WA, 6019

Phone: 08 9245 2484


Monday - Wednesday  9.00am - 8.30pm
Thursday - Saturday  9.00am - 9.00pm
Sunday 11.00am - 7.00pm
Public Holidays Normal Trading Hours
Closed Christmas Day and Good Friday