To beard, or not to beard... is that even a question? Aus VS Peru, TONIGHT

World Cup Soccer

Australia VS Peru

10pm Perth time



In a nutshell – we gotta win tonight in order to proceed to the next round.  Here are some stats to keep in mind during play:

1)      With three goals, Mile Jedinak is now Australia's second highest goal-scorer in World Cup history after Tim Cahill (5).  Speaking of Cahill, according to most reports it is likely that Cahill will remain benched.  Will Socceroos coach Bert van Marwijk pull him in at the last minute in the hopes that he will deliver his trademark classy striker form?  Who knows.  Unlikely say the pundits.  But watch this space.  One thing is for sure, “[Cahill’s] presence in that camp [as a mentor], regardless of his playing time, is invaluable” (Source: ABC Grandstand reporter Dean Bilton)

2)      This will be the first ever encounter between Australia and Peru.  It is Peru’s first World Cup encounter in 36 years, and they have brought with them a legion of enthusiastic fans.  If nothing else, the game will be vibrant.

3)      Peru have had 27 shots so far at this World Cup, but are yet to score a single goal.

4)      Mile Jedinak has scored both of Australia's goals so far in the 2018 World Cup. No Australian has ever scored more in a single edition before (Tim Cahill two in 2006 and 2014, Brett Holman two in 2010).

5)      The Peruvians have been eliminated, but can play spoiler in tonight's match

6)      Australia needs a win over Peru coupled with a victory by France over Denmark to advance to the 2018 World Cup knockout stage.

7)      Pope Francis Has Blessed The Socceroos So A Win Tonight Is A Holy Certainty –


What are you drinking?

Our suggestions…:

1)      Stay on Russian theme and crack out the vodka and shot glasses;

2)      Track down a Peruvian beer;

3)      Break out the Pisco Sours – Peruvian Pisco is highly prized, produced using ONLY copper stills (like Single Malt Whiskey) and is widely variable in flavour, due to the number of allowed grape varieties in its production;

4)      Emu Export?

5)      Vasse Felix Cabernet.  It is winter after all… and nights are pretty chilly at the moment!

PS:  Who is pumped about Mile's beard... (hint: we are)