Top Three Tax Time Tipples

EOFY: How to avoid the financial BLUE$ at a crunchy time of the year.


We’ve all been there.  You’ve had a great year income wise, but you know what goes up, must come down.  You’re going to get a tax bill, it’s only a matter of time between you and the dreaded occasion.  The days are wearing thin.  Your accountant will try and tell you that you should save your pennies now, because by golly, you’re going to need them. 

We are of the opposite opinion. 

You’re already in the shit thanks to 12 months of irresponsible (but fun) spending, so why not poke your head a little further into the sand and try to forget about the impending financial doom.  Think of happier times, and avoid the Tax Time Blues. 

Top Three Tax-Time-Blues Tipples

  1. Gin – how many tears in a bottle of gin?  How many angels on the head of a pin…. A tear for every dollar on the bill.
  2. Beer – end of financial beer anyone?
  3. Cocktail: this involves anything you’ve got in the house already.  Think of it like a misery punch.  For this we choose some old Aperol left over from summer, that bottle of cheap bubbles that one of your cheap mates left at yours after the last party, and some gin.  It’s an Aperol Spritz with feeling.