Independent Beer Day: July 4

We all know about the significance in the United States of July 4th, if for no other reason, than Will Smith in the 1996 blockbuster Independence Day. While this may carry less weight with us than our American friends, we can absolutely get behind the vitality of declaring an independent state.

Maybe you've just moved out of home and have finally grown up into what most would call 'an adult', or maybe you've become more savvy when deciding where to spend your consumer dollars, and on what.

Whatever it is, we are all for independents (and independence) here at Liquor Barons, and so in support of all of the independent breweries out there, slogging away and making truly epic beer, we salute you.  And tonight we are picking up a mixed six pack of WA's Independent BEST.

Nail VPA.jpg

1) Nail Brewing VPA

A favourite here at LB.  Do you follow @nail_brewing (aka brewer and owner John Stallwood) on Insta, and did you catch the Today Tonight feature about him? The article is called: “Courage from a Cowards Punch: How a Perth Man Overcame a Shocking Injury to Brew one of the Best Beers In The World.” Today Tonight, 6.30, Channel 7.

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2) Cheeky Monkey Apple Cider

Hailing from Margs, we thought we’d mix it up tonight and indulge in a cider – crisp, fresh and bitey.  Love it

Freo Doctor.jpg

3) Mash Brewing Freo Doctor

Fresher than a face full of the Freo Doctor. Brewed in the Swan Valley

FullSizeRender (56).jpg

4) Rocky Ridge Brewing

Get anything you can from the guys down at Rocky Ridge – we have shown here a collab can between Rocky Ridge and Dainton Brewing.  But they’re all good.  Live a little.  Brewed in Busselton.

FullSizeRender (55).jpg

5) Otherside Brewing Festival Session Ale

As local as it gets – these guys have just set up a brewery in Myaree (for all the Northies, that’s basically inland from Applecross, aka up Freo way).

FullSizeRender (57).jpg

6) Eagle Bay Brewing Lager

From one of the most salubrious areas down south.  The stunning brewery site has ocean on all sides, perched on top of the hill with sweeping views of the coast.  What more couldya want?