Grant, Liquor Barons Applecross

We Are Not A Franchise, Or A Faceless Chain, We Are A Co-Operative Of Independent Retailers.

Here At Liquor Barons, The People Who Work In The Stores, Own The Stores. We are proud to be exclusively West Australian, and work hard to provide interesting and varied selections of booze to all of our locals around this great state.  

To show you who we are, we've spent time going around and talking to our store owners and asking them about themselves, so that we can introduce them, to you. You probably already know the people who run your local, but do you know the others?


Name: Grant Reilly

Store: Applecross

Meet Grant, proud manager of #LiquorBarons Applecross for the last 16 years and Leeming for 11 years prior (he’s no stranger to the game!).

Grant loves unwinding with his gorgeous wife or hitting the frisbee fairway with his
brothers and two sons. Pop in and say hi next time you’re in the area, pick his
brain about Applecross’ extensive range of gin and wine - and don’t forget
to check out his always-funky socks!