Our Top 5 Valentine's Day Drinks Suggestions For Him


Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special person in your life doesn't need to be rocket science. Before you race around town trying to find that perfect gift and settling for jocks, socks and the latest DVD, we have a few ideas that will definitely rock his socks off this Valentine's Day.  

1) A case of his favourite beer

Although we might be living in the new age of the metro-sexual man, try as we might beer is still the favoured beverage for the Aussie Male, so your man will be delighted if you pander to his desire for a cool stubbie by giving him 24 of the best.

2) Johnnie Walker Blue

A special bottle of Scotch is just the ticket to bring a smile to the face of any lover of a bottle of the brown stuff. And really there's only one iconic brand to consider here, and that's Johnnie Walker and their premium Blue Label. 

3) Hippocampus Gin

Maybe your man is a bit of trend setter? Does he have a well-groomed beard and maybe some well-appointed body art? Well let us tell you there's no bigger trend in booze than home-grown gin and West Perth's very own Hippocampus Distillery is producing one of the best. Beautifully packaged. Our serving suggestion is to use grapefruit rather than the traditional lemon in the g + t.

4) Jack Daniels & Cola

Australia's favourite pre-mixed drink. And for a good reason. We couldn't compile a list of all things your man might enjoy without including this little beaut. If your man knows what he likes and a stubbie of JD & Cola is one of them, then why disappoint with something more complex? Crack open the Jack and enjoy the Craic...

5) Cape Mentelle Trinders Cabernet Merlot

Now for the sophisticated man of taste, who enjoys nothing more than a good bottle of red with his evening barbie. You don't need to go further than Cape Mentelle, who produce a stunning selection of whites and reds in our very own Margaret River. Our pick - this fab Cab-Merlot blend - all that you want and more! (Just like the man of your dreams - hopefully...)