Australia Day

Our Top 5 Beers for Australia Day

What better way to celebrate Aussie Day than with a tinnie of one of Australia's Classic beers? Here's our Top 5 Occa Aussie Drops to quench that 'well-earned' thirst this Thursday!

1) Emu Export

Well you wouldn't expect us to opt for any other than the famous Export. A cult classic that is fast becoming WA's biggest selling beer. Could this be our most famous export? Forget Iron Ore, it's Emu for us all the way!


2) Victoria Bitter

The King of the Sports Bar - retro up your drinking with the stubbie - or go classic with the tinnie - nothing says Australian Beer quite like a can of VB out of the esky for 'a hard earned thirst.'


3) XXXX Gold

It might be from Queensland, but XXXX has been a staple of the Aussie Man's diet since 1924 - definitely best out of a cold can, while manfully turning your snags.


4) Carlton Draught

Are there many bars in Australia that don't pour Carlton Draught? The ultimate in dinky-di Aussie drinking.


5) Swan Draught

Arguably WA's ridgy-didge beer and enjoying a resurgence from those who love a bit of nostalgia in old school bottle format.