Wines to Drink When it’s Raining


Who can believe this weather recently? It’s supposed to be summer!  If you, like us, have drastically altered your wine choices to suit the storms, and have dusted off the winter clothes months earlier than you expected to, then we hope this little buying guide will help refresh your memory on stormy wines… even though it’s still summer.

Below is a little buying guide for rainy day wines, plus some standouts from recent trips to the local.

Cabernet + Cabernet Merlot blends – Margaret River.  
Producers to look out for: Cullen, Deep Woods, Vasse Felix, Amelia Park, anyone really.  Most wineries create delicious Cabernet + cab blends at many different price points.  If you’re really in the mood to search – Ipso Facto Cabernet…. Moorish.  And for something a bit off the wall – try the Brash Higgins Cabernet Franc from McLaren Vale.  Phwoar.

Big + peppery - Barossa Valley.  Producers to look out for: Yalumba, Standish, First Drop, Spinifex Creamy and juicy - McLaren Vale. Producers to look out for: Some Young Punks, Brash Higgins, Ministry of Clouds
Structured, engaging and elegant - Frankland River. Producers to look out for: Swinney Vineyards, La Violetta (Up! shiraz)

Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale – some elegant and exciting examples to be found in both of these regions. Producers to look out for: S.C.Pannell, Ochota Barrels, Clarendon Hills – and for a great value and totally slurpable suggestion – don’t walk past the Kaesler Stonehorse Grenache Shiraz.  Around the $19-20 mark.

Interesting plantings all over Oz.  Producers to look out for: West Cape Howe – value for money at ~$20

Interesting plantings all over Oz.  Producers to look out for: Primo Estate, S. C. Pannell, and from WA (always support your local superheroes) Mr Barval and L.A.S. Vino.  Love both these WA boys – and they make their Nebs from the same vineyard.  If you’re a true nerd, you’ll seek out both, open them at the same time, and see the difference the maker makes.

nteresting plantings all over Oz. Producers to look out for: Coriole

Powerful, spicy and intense: Margaret River Producers to look out for:  LAS Vino, Pierro, Deep Woods, Cullen, Xanadu, Vasse Felix…. The list is extensive – Margs Chard is renowned for a reason.
Spicy fine and long: Mornington Peninsula, Tasmania Producers to look out for:  Dawson & James (premium – treaty yourself – fine and gives Burgundy a run for its money), Tolpuddle, Yabby Lake.  We’re smiling as we suggest these – they’re all incredible.
Bit of everything great: Yarra Valley Producers to look out for:  Mac Forbes, Giant Steps, Seville Estate

Great Southern first, then Clare Valley, Eden Valley, Tasmania Producers to look out for:  Paul Nelson (Denmark, lees contact, complex), Brave New Wine – Sunshine & Hercules (natural, out there), Grosset (classic benchmark – world class), Clos du Tertre (Great Southern – fine and precise).