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February 14, 2021

Coopers Pale Ale

Coopers Pale Ale Subheading

Welcome to Australia’s Iconic Pale Ale

Coopers Original Pale Ale is brewed using the finest raw materials and traditional Ale brewing techniques, which produce a clean, well balanced and compelling flavour with fruity and floral characters, crisp bitterness and a noticeable malt character.

Looks like: This beer is a deep golden colour and pours with a generous level of foam. The slight cloudiness which is evident is due to the presence of yeast, which is carried through the fermenting stage to finally produce the natural carbonation.

Smells like: The aroma has a medium to strong pale malt character with hints of floral and grassy notes from the hops and some mild woody and yeast notes.

Tastes like: The initial flavour displays a moderate to strong malt character with a balanced hop flavour. The mid-palate displays some light maltiness and subdued sweetness and the finish is dry and displays some mild after-bitterness which aids the overall balance of the flavour.

Drink it with: This beer would be best suited to accompany foods like stir-fries which are well matched to the beer’s flavour profile, or with salads which can complement the bitterness of the beer, or poultry and seafood which match with the dry finish.


The Brew Process

The choice of brewing raw materials includes malted barley, hops, water and yeast. The premium-grade malted barley is grown and malted in South Australia in accordance with Coopers’ stringent specification.

Australian grown Pride of Ringwood hops are used to provide the hop bitterness. The water used is derived from deep aquifers at the brewery.

The mineral content is adjusted using a unique process to provide water with a composition that is suited to Ale production. The yeast culture used for fermentation is a top-fermenting type, and it ferments at a higher temperature than the Lager beers producing a more robust product full of fruity and floral flavours. These fruity flavours arise from the esters which characterise Ales produced from worts having high protein contents.

The methods used in both the brewhouse and fermentation area are unique to this style of beer. After high-temperature fermentation, a special technique of natural conditioning the same strain of yeast used for the primary fermentation is used and added to the beer prior to it being packed into bottles or kegs using state of the art equipment.

A secondary fermentation and natural conditioning are then carried out in the package in such a way that the yeast is maintained in a healthy state during this second fermentation.

This beer is preservative and additive-free as the low levels of oxygen present in the beer at the time of packaging is consumed by the yeast.

  • Alcohol: 4.5%
  • Carbohydrates: 1.65 Grams/100ml
  • Standard Drinks: 1.3/375ml
  • Energy: 145 Kilojoules/100ml
  • 35 Calories/100ml

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