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February 14, 2021

Otherside Festive Ale

Otherside Festive Ale Subheading

Our Story

Otherside Brewing Co. started off gypsy brewing a couple of years ago, but now we’ve well and truly settled into our home in Myaree – in fact, we’re coming up on one year in the brewery! We’ve got our production brewery and canning line here, as well as the Otherside Brewhouse, the gateway between the brewery and the outside world, where you can come along for the Otherside experience.

We have a few ranges of beer, from our Core Range that we produce year-round, to the limited release ‘Experimental Series’ brews, where the brewers really get let off the chain to brew the weird and wonderful. Between them we’ve got everyone covered, from the easy-going lager-drinker to the ultimate craft beer nerd.

Festive Ale Tasting Notes

  • ABV: 4.2%
  • Style:  Session Ale

The Festive Session Ale was the brewery’s inaugural release, crafted to be the ultimate expression of a ‘festival’ beer. Festive packs enough flavour to intrigue, yet is an eminently sessionable brew. This medium-bodied ale is supple and malty, with tropical citrus notes and a refreshing finish.

Did You Know

Otherside Brewing has strong ties to one of Freo’s newest and biggest venues, Freo.Social, which features a 500 litre Otherside microbrewery.

Otherside runs a program called Tapped by Otherside. It’s designed to help creatives flourish through the provision of financial help, networking and exposure. We put a little bit aside from every Otherside beer sold towards Tapped, which is awarded to musos, film makers, visual artists and other creatives.

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