Crafted with Galaxy & Astra Hops

by the stellar crew at Mountain Goat Brewery

Available For a limited time

This is an off-world collaboration between Liquor Barons and Mountain Goat Brewery to produce a very small batch of 300 dozen of these hand-crafted Rare Breed Goats bottled in 640ml long-necks for your drinking pleasure.

There is only one place in the entire universe you can get your hands on this out of this world beer.

What’s It Like?

Galactic Baron, lord of all it surveys, will take you to a new dimension of flavour on an interstellar hop-driven trip to the stars. 

Brewed in four dimensions for enjoyment on most life-bearing planets with a gravity of 9.807 m/s ^2 – more or less.

  • We add ASTRA and GALAXY hops in quantities few earthmen can resist.
  • The finest Terran malts give this Very Pale Ale a star-like golden tone.
  •  A unique strain of single-cell organisms have converted sugar to ethanol for your mind-altering enjoyment at 6.3% ABV.

Please do not consume before attempting docking procedures or time-travel…


Mountain Goat Brewery

Mountain Goat is a Melbourne based brewery born from a suburban home-brew project dating back to 1997 when best mates - Cam and Dave decided their city needed to lift its craft beer game. 18 years later, after being knocked back by countless banks having a combined list of assets boasting two mountain bikes, a couple of surfboards and Dave’s Holden, these two best mates managed to realise their dream with Mountain Goat Brewery ramming its way into existence on the Melbourne craft scene from a warehouse tucked away in the back streets of Richmond, Victoria. Mountain Goat was also the first brewery in the world to produce fully Certified Organic beer and utilises a number of eco-friendly initiatives throughout its beers' production.

In addition to Mountain Goat’s core range which includes their Pale Ale, Organic Steam Ale, Summer Ale, Hightail Ale and Fancy Pants, the brewery also produces an enormous range of limited edition ‘Rare Breed’ batches which can be found here.