Jameson’s Irish Whiskey is crafted using only the finest local ingredients including a unique blend of malted barley, unmalted barley and water sourced from Ireland’s Dungourney river which flows through the centre of the Jameson’s Middleton brewery. Jameson’s is also triple distilled in seasoned oak barrels for a minimum of four years which help give this whiskey its signature smoothness in what is a largely unaltered recipe over the past 237 years.

Jameson Irish Whiskey was first created by John Jameson, A Scottish migrant, new to Ireland who set up a small distillery on Bow Street, Dublin in 1780 in what would eventually be known as a hotspot for a growing whiskey making movement. A small Latin motto can be found beneath the Jameson logo which reads ‘Sine Metu’ and translates roughly to “without fear”. This was a motto originally awarded to John Jameson’s Scottish forefathers who had fought off pirates off the Scottish Coast. Despite whiskey making being a little less harmless then chasing pirates, Jameson’s brave family characteristics carry on today through Jameson’s fearless endeavour to continue producing Ireland’s highest quality whiskey.


What does it taste like?


  • Light floral fragrance
  • Peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes


  • Perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes
  • Hints of sweet sherry
  • Exceptional smoothness


  • Singularly smooth
  • Syrupy texture
  • Thick body
“So smooth I would drink it even if my name were not on it”.
— John Jameson