The Artist

Luke O'Donohoe is a young Australian artist. His style tends to be graphic and illustrative with a definite focus on geometric shapes, lettering and figures. Often combining all three elements to create visually compelling and interesting art.He mainly paints murals, and has worked extensively with Perth councils as well as private clients such as Caporn & Young, Jump Climb and the Sexual Health Headquarters. Luke was invited to be a part of the 2016 FORM; Public project.

'When approached by Liquor Barons to create three illustrations I wanted to design images that were stylistically me, yet explored feelings or sentiments that everyone could relate to. I chose to use three figures accompanied by a phrase that had an obvious connection to the figure. An old man sitting on a bench taking a moment to just sit back and relax. The elegant image of Artemis aiming an arrow in her bow accompanied by the phrase 'shoot straight' was an effort to explore our ambitions, having something in your sights and aiming for it.'

Instagram: @luke_odonohoe




Liquor Barons Commissions And Collaborations With Perth Visual Artists

Each morning I drink coffee from cafes around Perth, many of whom use take-away cups with featured artists or artworks on them. They range from cool to really epic, and it begs the question: Why aren't we doing something with our bottle bags?

We are an independent premium wine/beer/spirits retailer, it makes sense that we support local, independent artists. So here we are.  

We commission Perth artists to create 3 original designs in black and white to be printed onto paper bottle bags: single bottle, double and triple bottle, each bag has a different artwork. We leave the focus of each design is entirely up to the artist, our only stipulation is the design be reflective of the artist's style. The series of three bag is printed as a limited run, and distributed to Liquor Barons stores, ready for you.

We hope you learn about a local artist you may not have heard about before, that you have something new to talk about, and most importantly, support a local artist who is leading in their field. This project is unique in Australia - we are the first liquor group to do it, but I wager we won't be the last.