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MadFish Wines has always been about simple enjoyment, fun, food, family and friends. From the deep, rich characteristics of our Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, through to the sweet and refreshingly clean finish of our Late Harvest Riesling, we have red and white wines to match any occasion. Take a look at our range of premium red and white wines below and explore the fresh, vibrant fruit flavours that attracts fans from all over the world.


Prosecco is the ultimate social butterfly, easy going, popular at any party and enjoyed by all. Drink as a refreshing aperitif with canapes of fresh seafood, zesty Asian inspired salads, antipasto or tapas.

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Tasting Notes

Notes of golden delicious apples, beurré bosc pear and ginger spice are captured in the first effervescing notes that take flight from the glass. That first mouthful is full of crisp, tart apple flesh balanced by a honeyed and creamy richness. As your tongue gently squeezes the bubbles, a lovely mousse texture fills the palate and it’s time for another sip to repeat this wonderfully sensual, textural and flavourful experience.

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