Mountain Goat is a Melbourne based brewery born from a suburban home-brew project dating back to 1997. Best mates - Cam and Dave decided their city needed to lift its craft beer game when Cam was away on a beer pilgrimage backpacking around Vancouver. A single postcard was sent home to Dave (who was already messing about with a bit of amateur brewing) and the first Goat backyard brewing project began shortly after with the boys hoping of one day, creating a full scale brewery.

18 years later, after being knocked back by countless banks having a combined list of assets boasting two mountain bikes, a couple of surfboards and Dave’s Holden, these two best mates managed to realise their dream largely through crowd-funding from their close friends and family. Finally, after much anticipation, Mountain Goat Brewery rams its way into existence on the Melbourne craft scene. The brewery continues to operate today alongside a bar and tucked away in a warehouse in the back streets of Richmond, Victoria. Mountain Goat now employs 25 full time staff and ship their handcrafted beers across the country and to some overseas markets.


Organic Steam Ale, ABV 4.5%, IBU 22

The term ‘steam beer’ relates back to a style of lager brewed at warmer ale temperatures in the hope of combining the best of both beer worlds. Steam ale was first brewed in 2009 really lifting Goat to a new level by flipping this process on its head and brewing ale in cooler lager conditions in the hopes of arriving at the same destination via a different route. 

What’s it like?

Not too shabby at all. Steam Ale is a pale yellow and slightly cloudy beer carrying trace fruity aromas and a crisp lightly hopped taste and is naturally brewed avoiding all preservatives and additives. The finished product is a seasonable beer full of tropical fruit flavours and absolutely perfect for beer drinkers who are a little green (new to beer flavours and\or environmentally conscious).

Quick Facts

  • Mountain Goat took home 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals at the 2017 Australian International Beer Awards.
  • Steam Ale is a Certified Organic beer.
  • Before this best seller, Mountain Goat's India Pale Ale was Australia’s first ever Certified Organic beer! 
  • The staff at Mountain Goat are incentivised with Christmas bonuses based off how many time in the year they walked or caught public transport to work.
  • They collectively rack up around 300kms weekly, commuting to work sustainably.



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