On the Hops #2
Liquor Barons Craft Beer Guide

The Liquor Barons Beer Panel rides again, presenting six more stand-out picks from hours of ‘rigorous’ blind-tasting! We were mindful of the changing seasons and the added appeal of darker, more malt-forward options, but these are the brews that really hit the mark; in terms of being exceptional representatives of style and, essentially, just really great drinking. NEIPA’s may continue to be ‘beer of the moment’, but we’d encourage you to head off the beaten beer-track, starting with the On The Hops six-pack!

Cheers & Good Beers,
Anthony Williams | Independent Beer Writer

Six beers selected by an expert panel comprised of retailers, beer judges and beer lovers from extensive masked tastings, to bring you the best and freshest every edition.


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Green Beacon
3 Bolt Pale Ale (4.5% abv)

Balance is key when it comes to Pale Ale, and Green Beacon gets the malt-hops equilibrium just right with 3 Bolt. The beer’s aromatics introduce the synergy of grainy, bready malts and tropical-fruit hop characters (pine, passionfruit, mango), with those hops taking an American-style lead and pale malt providing essential support. The pair’s seamless routine continues onto the palate, before old-world bittering hops cut a moderate, slightly-spicy swathe across the dancefloor… er, tastebuds! Dodgy TV show analogies aside, this Brisbane-based crafty nails the brief and deserves high marks for pairing accomplished flavour and drinkability.

$4.99 can | $16.99 4pk

P2_OTH_Issue 2_Product_New Belgium.jpg

New Belgium
Fat Tire Belgian White (5.2% abv)

Pierre Celis resurrected the Belgian Wheat Beer, or Witbier, with Hoegaarden in the 1960’s, and New Belgium have absolutely nailed the style for 2019. The Colorado (US) collective sticks with tradition and crafts a cloudy pale-gold brew that truly zings; an addition of fresh Seville Orange peel teaming up with the lightly-creamy mouthfeel and lemony-citrus tang of raw wheat, oats and yeast. There’s malt sweetness supporting that fruitiness too. Coriander notes, yeast spice, and tartness, provide the style’s trademark dry, spicy, refreshing finish. Seamless, superb, and an impressive new spin for a Belgian classic.

$4.99 can | $16.99 4pk

P2_OTH_Issue 2_Product_Little Creatures.jpg

Little Creatures
XPA (4.9% abv)

The ‘XPA’ - or ‘eXtra Pale Ale’ - is yet to be defined as a style, but generally denotes a beer that sits somewhere between a Pale Ale and an IPA. We’re talking more pronounced hop characters than a Pale, combined with lower bitterness and less alcohol of an IPA; and that’s certainly what Little Creatures have delivered with its latest release. Late additions of Galaxy, Mosaic and Citra hops - aka ‘dry hopping’ - imbue a simple malt base with elegant tropical-fruit, citrus and pine aromatics, adding the all-important ‘X’ factor to a clean, smart, subtly seductive and very approachable brew.

$3.99 bottle | $19.99 6pk

P2_OTH_Issue 2_Product_Nail.jpg

Red Ale (6% abv)

Consider, for a moment, that the orange-red-copper glow of autumn leaves are a signal to start exploring the darker realms of the beer spectrum. You’ll arrive at Red Ales well before you approach Stout territory.This American-style local is an exceptional advocate for the scrumptious, ‘wholemeal loaf’ qualities of specialty malts. In this brew, it’s Carared and Munich malts that impart delicious toffee-caramel and toasty notes, with liberal doses of Citra hops, providing a counterpoint of moderate bitterness and citrusy aromatics. It’s beautifully balanced at 6% abv, and is Nail’s perfect intro to autumnal imbibing.

$4.99 can | $17.99 4pk

P2_On The Hops_Styled_Beerfarm IPA.jpg

Garage Project
DFA IPA (7.5% abv)

‘DFA’ - ‘Demus Favorem Amori’ - a new name for an old favourite from one of New Zealand’s finest. Garage Project takes a chef-like approach to its beer recipes, and this India Pale Ale is infused with the South-East-Asian influences of mango, Vietnamese mint, lime and chilli. Centennial, Amarillo and Citra hops bring a classic citrus hit on the nose, but there’s no denying those aromatic hints of mint and lime; just as the mango joins a classic IPA palate, and firm bitterness reveals a dash of chilli heat. DFA - ‘we choose to stand for love’. Love. This. Beer.

$7.99 can | $26.99 4pk

P2_OTH_Issue 2_Product_Bad Shepherd.jpg

Bad Shepherd
Hazelnut Brown Ale (5.9% abv)

Victoria’s Bad Shepherd Brewing might be relative newcomers here in WA, but this fine Brown Ale suggests we roll out the ‘Welcome’ mat posthaste. Why? Just get a hit of the intoxicating hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate aromatics that rise from the glass - Wow! Indulge your tastebuds with more of those hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate characters; accompanied by earthy notes of Maris Otter malt and a spirited addition of Frangelico - Yum! Admire the beer’s mahogany hue, smooth mouthfeel and dry, clean finish, and grab another - Yes please!

$5.99 bottle | $19.99 4pk

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