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On the Hops Vol. IV
Liquor Barons Craft Beer Guide

Spring can bring us a real mixed bag meteorologically, so ‘On The Hops’ IV delivers a marvellous mixed- six for any kind of weather. We’ve selected a clean, crisp, German-style lager that’s ideal for the season’s first BBQ, but also included a hop-forward, American-style stout that still delivers the nourishing warmth of rich, dark malts when the cold bites back. There’s plenty to savour between those two extremes too; each brew being a distinct and exceptional example of its style, and all six providing a beer journey that’s well worth taking... It’s an all-Australian six-pack too, so imbibe with pride!

Cheers & Good Beers,
Anthony Williams | Independent Beer Writer

Six beers selected by an expert panel comprised of retailers, beer judges and beer lovers from extensive masked tastings, to bring you the best and freshest every edition.

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Mixed Six Pack: Liquor Barons’ On the Hops Vol. IV craft brew tasting pack $24.99

OTH_Vol4_Fixation IPA, India Pale Ale (6.4% abv) 330mL $19.99 4 pack.jpg

Fixation IPA
India Pale Ale (6.4% abv) 330mL

Fixation is totally focussed on bringing the intoxicating hoppiness of India Pale Ales to Australian drinkers, with the now-in-cans Fixation IPA being the Melbourne brewery’s flagship beer. Serious quantities of four New World (US) hop varieties – Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo – go into delivering a glorious whack of citrus, pine and resinous aromas and flavours, along with a firm bitterness at the back of the palate. The malt bill offers toasty, biscuity notes and weight, but is largely performing a hop-supporting role; just as it should be in a classic West Coast American-style IPA. Ready to adjust your lupulin threshold?

$19.99 4pk

OTH_Vol4_Temple NWO [New World Order] American Stout (6.5% abv) 335ml $26.99 4 pack.jpg

NWO [New World Order] American Stout (6.5% abv) 355mL

When a beer’s style is prefaced by the word ‘American’, you can pretty much guarantee that its brewers have been liberal with their hop additions. Sure ‘nuff – Temple Brewing’s NWO Stout uses New World hops as a secret weapon, hiding their presence in a pitch-black pour and adding spicy, earthy and piney citrus notes to the expected dark and roasted malt characters. Chocolate, coffee and cocoa are amongst the trademark aromas and flavours in this creamy, medium-bodied brew, with robust bitterness leaving a dash of liquorice in what is a complex but very approachable stout. Fresh in cans from Melbourne.

$26.99 4pk

OTH_Vol4_Beerfarm, Pale Ale (4.7% abv) 375mL $16.99 4 pack.jpg

Pale Ale (4.7% abv) 375mL

Pale Ale may have become the ubiquitous gateway-beer for craft converts, but there’s still something very satisfying about a classic style done exceptionally well. BeerFarm have done just that here, delivering an attractive, golden- coloured brew with a pillowy head of white foam, tight bubbles, and the intoxicating tropical – pineapple, mango etc – aromatics of American El Dorado hops. There’s a hint of toasty, biscuity malt character on the palate, with those New World hop notes carrying through to an assertive, well-balanced bitterness and lingering in most pleasant fashion. It’s a top-notch Pale, and yet another winner from these Margaret River beer- farmers.

$16.99 4pk

OTH_Vol4_Otherside Social Lager (4.7% abv) 375mL $15.99 4 pack.jpg

Social Lager (4.7% abv) 375mL

By any measure, it’s been a banner year for Otherside Brewing Co. The venture’s dual passions of live music and good beer have become bricks-and-mortar with the opening of Freo Social. The brewery’s ‘experimental’ series has recently featured a sublime, sparkling-wine- ish Hibiscus, Rosewater & White Pepper Sour. And, with Social Lager, Otherside continue to deliver a clean, easy-drinking Helles-style lager that combines the herbal, spicy characters of German Perle hops with the light, bready notes of a German malt base and moderate bitterness. It’s beer simplicity that’s oh-so-difficult-to-get-right – there’s nowhere for any faults to hide – and testament to fine brewing.

$15.99 4pk

OTH_Vol4_Beerland James St Juice New England Pale Ale (4.8% abv) 375mL $23.99 6 Pack.jpg

James St Juice New England Pale Ale (4.8% abv) 375mL

For the uninitiated, the NEIPA – or New England India Pale Ale – is a hazy, heavily dry-hopped IPA, with relatively low bitterness putting those ‘juicy’, tropical hop characters front-and-centre. Some bigger versions of the hugely popular style actually look just like fruit juice in the glass, but Perth’s own Beerland Brewing has tempered the haze-craze for eminently sessionable, Pale Ale refreshment. Intense aromatics of pineapple, passionfruit and mango immediately tell the New England, hop-forward story, following through on the palate where oats and wheat provide a trademark soft, smooth mouthfeel and a dry finish. This is Spring sunshine in a can.

$23.99 6pk

OTH_Vol4_La Sirene Citray Sour (4.5% abv) 330mL $29.99 6 Pack.jpg

La Sirene
Citray Sour (4.5% abv) 330mL

Melbourne’s La Sirene Brewing has championed the artisanal traditions of Belgium’s Farmhouse Ale, or Saison, since its first beers emerged in 2011. Wild yeasts have been just as vital to their cause, with a ‘house’ lactobacillus strain providing Citray Sour - the brewery’s second core-range release (first canned in March last year) – with its bold, bracing acidity. Fresh hops and locally sourced oranges provide a zesty, citrus tang that adds to, and also counterpoints, the beer’s lip-smacking tartness. Aromatically and flavour-wise, it’s quite a trip for the senses; an accomplished, super-smart Farmhouse Sour from one of Australia’s finest brewers.

$29.99 6pk

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