Here's to the best bloody city in the world

Feral Brewery – The Dream

Feral is one of Perth’s most iconic and widely known breweries. Self-described as “Mad punk bush poets of the brew who scribble outside of the margins and stagger dangerously close to impending darkness,” Feral was founded in 2002 and opened in the Swan Valley as a Australian owned, local brewery that is resuscitating traditional beer brewing techniques.

Feral’s concept is to return beer back to the wild, away from the domesticity of major breweries and back into the hands of beer lovers through utilising sustainable practices driven by the brewery’s Swan Valley neighbours. Uncompromising, untamed and downright unapologetic about their brewing, Feral like their beers the way they like their metaphors – Heavy.


Perth Local Lager, ABV 4.9%, IBU: 28

You've planned your annual trip to Rotto\Bali\Douth, maxed out your credit card on King St. and you're not capable of merging,

...You must be a Perth Local.

This is a beer made by and for the people of Perth and was dedicated to the WA community as a thank you for their support of Feral over the past 15 years. This is Feral’s latest campaign to return beer to the wild, after liberating lager from the shackles of mainstream.


Perth Local is a bright lemon yellow pilsner style lager with a light haze and a short but stocky white head.

What’s It Like?

This is lager as it should be. Complex, subtle, with a new world hop twist – The perfect companion on a hot summer’s afternoon waiting for the Freo Doctor to blow in. Fresh lightly toasted malts linger with a hint of citrus on the palate.

Here’s to the best bloody city in the word.

Available only to Perth Locals.