With flavours sourced from all over the globe (hardwood from America, Arabica coffee beans from Colombia, vanilla pods from Madagascar, fenugreek from Morocco), Stolen Smoked Rum hails from New Zealand.

Steal life. The STOLEN plot was hatched in 2010 when two rum-loving Kiwis gave up the corporate grind to pursue their passion. They launched STOLEN out of their apartment in Auckland, New Zealand, and introduced award-winning rums to Australia, New Zealand, and the US, including Stolen Smoked, the world’s first smoked rum. STOLEN has grown a cult following of drinkers and bartenders from Auckland to Austin.

How do we drink it

Over ice
Naturally.  With a slice of orange?

Only The Baroness is this hardcore!

In a cocktail
We love this cocktail – Smoked Rum Espresso Martini… brought to you by Elle Magazine. This is another en pointe list of incredible smoked rum cocktails, courtesy of Yen Mag.

What's it like?

It’s smoky.  The finish is particularly smoky.  Balanced by a complex and layered palate – it’s clear why this is called a smoked rum.

This was originally dubbed a Spiced rum… but rebranding it “Smoked” makes perfect sense.  It is heady and masculine.  There is toffee and vanilla aromas on the nose, coffee, smoke and butterscotch finish on the mouth. Stolen Smoked Rum is neither sweet nor sticky, like many other spiced rums. 

It’s exciting, and for the rum lovers – it’s something different.

This is Stolen.jpg
“Good artists copy, great artists steal”
— Pablo Picasso