When it comes to pleasing customers, Wayne knows jack.

According to Facebook, Jack Daniel’s has 859,130 friends. Given recent events in Wayne Evans’ Liquor Barons store in Armadale, that figure might need to be downgraded by one.

When Jason Hooper sauntered in 4 months ago, Wayne had no inkling of the Jack Daniel’s triggered drama that was about to unfold. Jason was in a fantastic mood as he had finally decided to pop the question to his girlfriend Candace. On his way over to her, he had stopped by Wayne’s to pick up a bottle of Champagne as he was confident of getting a yes.

Being a committed Jack Daniel’s man, he asked Wayne’s advice on what bubbles to buy. (Liquor Barons know their stuff and love being able to share their knowledge.) It was while Wayne was explaining the merits of French Champagne versus Australian sparkling that disaster struck. Jason looked up and spied the original Jack Daniel’s Distillery whiskey barrel above the door.

The only possible explanation for what happened next is love/lust at first sight. Somehow Jason got it into his head that a Jack Daniel’s barrel would make a much better engagement present than a ring. Wayne, not realising the barrel was in lieu of bling, delivered it to Candace’s that afternoon.

We can’t print Candace’s reaction. If not for some quick thinking from Wayne, she could well have ended up on homicide charges. He defused the situation by suggesting Jason put the barrel on layby, grovel like his life depended on it and promise to take her ring shopping if she ever calmed down.

Candace didn’t appreciate Wayne’s vast selection of official Jack Daniel’s merchandise. Her girlfriends however, were grateful for his seriously impressive array of pre-mixes as they sat through night after night of, “That *%$!@#* idiot Jason.”

It took three long weeks, but eventually Candace forgave Jason. Wayne even threw in a complimentary bottle of Moët (big celebrations call for the French stuff).

If you’re a Jack aficionado, don’t think you can wander into any Liquor Barons and find Jack t-shirts or dartboards. As each store is independently owned, they all reflect their community.

In Mt Lawley you’ll find $35 000 bottles of 1953 Penfolds Grange Hermitage, Claremont is famous for having the coldest beers around, and in Armadale spirits and pre-mixes are king. As Candace’s girlfriends will testify, Wayne has 13 fridges full of them.

If your local Liquor Barons doesn’t have what you’re after, just ask and they’ll order it in. We aren’t some big chain with buyers over east. We are a WA co-operative that use our combined buying power to secure you great prices. Being independents, we can buy in whatever you want – just okay it with your other half first.