The Vodka with Nothing to hide

Absolut is a Swedish vodka made from all natural ingredients and no added sugar. Initially founded using a new technique allowing for continuous and infinite distilling rather than multiple distillations, the spirit was relaunched in the US one hundred years later in 1979.

Absolut quickly redefined vodka’s landscape after igniting a revolution in cocktail-making, adding a huge range of flavours never seen before to establish itself as a name synonymous with vodka, a sense of culture and nightlife right across the world.

Absolute Vodka is the company’s flagship product which embodies the distillery’s core principle of ‘One Source’. All the ingredients used in a bottle of Absolut Vodka are sourced from the same place - Åhus, a tiny medieval village in Sweden. From the hard winter wheat grown in the rich nearby fields beneath Swedish snow, to the pristine water fresh from Absolut’s local well, and the continuous production in their distillery; everything, including the glass Absolut bottle itself, comes from this tiny Swedish village.

One wheat, one source of water, one bottle and one location all these ingredients were sourced means there’s only ever one reason why a bottle of Absolut Vodka anywhere in the world has the same distinctive character and taste.


What does it taste like?


  • Very neutral on the nose

  • Touch of a cereal aroma

  • Hint of alcohol


  • Crisp

  • Rich and complex

  • Distinct character of grain

  • Followed by a hint of dried fruit



  • Full-bodied

  • Dry and vaguely grainy

  • Very smooth

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