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Unlike most of our competitors, we aren’t part of a national group or chain. Instead, we use our combined buying power to offer a huge range of your favourite alcohol brands at competitive prices.

We’re growing fast to become the dominant independent liquor brand. If you live in WA, there’s bound to be a Liquor Barons store open near you – with over 60 locations across our great state.

Visit your local Barons and you’ll see our independence allows each store the flexibility to tailor their range to reflect the taste of the local community. It allows us to support smaller boutique and more obscure brands. Oh, and if you can’t see a favourite on the shelf, just ask; your local owner may be able to order it specially for you!

Want to become a Baron?

Becoming part of the Liquor Barons Co-operative is a genuine alternative for independent retailers looking for a flexible, entrepreneurial and successful banner. Our Co-operative structure ensures that decisions are made quickly and with the interests of retailers driving the outcomes.

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