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Meet the Barons

About Lou

If you’re thinking that Lou has a ‘Don’ vibe about him, then you’d be right – although he’s friendlier than Vito. Lou has owned the Carlisle store for nearly 30 years, and that isn’t the only business he’s been working on in that time – there are many strings to his bow. Not only is he the long-time Chairman of the LB Board, a fervent supporter of his local community, and an established cattle breeder, he is also (and most importantly), a wine lover.

Vasse Felix is his go-to. We asked him why: “I’ve had some great experiences with Vasse Felix wines in my time, and that’s with every level of wine they do, you know? Not just the top tiers. We can’t get enough of the Filius and Premier cabernets, we reckon they’re the best value wines in Margaret River.” Big ups Vasse.