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Meet the Barons

About Terry

This is Terry. Terry represents the third generation of Bradbeers, fine wine store retailers in Perth – a position that he takes very seriously. ‘Herdies’, as it is affectionately known, has a long reputation for fine customer service and expansive knowledge – propagated by his much loved, late father-in-law Peter, and continued today, by Terry. We asked him what his favourite wine was: “Atzes Corner Zen Masters – it’s a great wine; we all enjoy it. I’m a big fan of Barossa reds and being a fine wine store this is what I would recommend the most.”

Did you know: Terry has been serving as a Combat Engineer since 2009 with the Australian Army Reserve, and he’s worked up on the mines across WA for the last decade as a diesel mechanic. So not only could he fix your big truck on a battlefield, he can also get his way around a fine wine store, like Herdsman.

Did we mention he is also a commercial diver with over 700 descents on his log– specialising in the dark and claustrophobic? Is there anything this man can’t do…?