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Meet the Barons

About Chris

We thought we’d shine the light on one of our store Mums. Being a co-operative of family-owned and operated stores, we have a lot of brilliant Mums and families serving you every day, one of those is, Karen, at our Greenwood store. Karen is the mother of three boys, all of whom work at the Greenwood store. Like many mothers Karen wears many hats; she works at the store, is the accountant of the store, mother, wife, friend… well you get it! Karen is also the treasurer of the Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club.

We asked her eldest son Adam about some of the things his mum did for them in the shop, he had this to say: “Before big, busy days like Good Friday and Xmas Eve, mum does a big cook up and brings in food for the boys.” He also said “We’d fall apart without her”.

Karen and her husband Chris own and run the store, and one of her son’s manages the store. Chris’s parents first bought the store in the early 90’s and they handed the reins over to Chris and Karen, who have been in the liquor industry for some 25 years. Chris and Karen’s sons have also grown up in the business, it’s really a Dzodzos family dynasty – and frankly, that’s how we like it. As you can imagine with this history in the liquor industry the Dzodzos family know their stuff and can always find you the best drink to match any occasion.