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Meet the Barons

About Jason

At Liquor Barons Connolly, we are on a quest for knowledge, because we believe that there is always something new to learn from every glass of wine and every pint of beer.

Our range of products are hand-selected from the vast ocean of beverages available, and we’re proud to have accumulated over 1500 unique products in store, many of which are from independent and family-owned vineyards/breweries/distilleries and exclusive to our store.

The team is led by Jason, who is passionate about all things alcohol; from the soil to the glassware there is science behind every little detail of every concoction which is all valuable knowledge to be learned.

Our Craft Beer Specialist-in-Training Luke has been guilty of converting many towards the ways of the hops – You’ll find him pondering which craft beer to wrap up a long day at work in front of our ever-evolving craft beer fridge.