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Meet the Barons

About Simon

The International Beer Shop was Australia’s first dedicated beer shop, opening our doors back in 2002 and collecting as much quality beer under one roof as is possible. They are dedicated to sourcing and stocking the very best premium beers from the world’s finest breweries, and pride themselves on storing and presenting their beers in the best possible condition. Their shelves have grown over the years and now carry anywhere from 600 to 1000+ different beers at any one time – arguably Australia’s largest range of local and international beer.

Their mission is, and always will be, increase the public appreciation of the world’s oldest, most popular alcoholic drink, to pull it back from the dark ages of mass-produced, flavourless swill, and give it back the respect it truly deserves.

The International Beer Store team are incredibly passionate about beer and love helping their customers find their new favourite drop, find the perfect gift, or just have a chat about beer. They are also happy to help you if you’re planning a beer tasting event but don’t know where to start, they’ll take you through your options and help you figure out the right mix for your needs.