March 8, 2024

Cuban soul – Black Tears

Cuban soul – Black Tears Subheading


Cuba and its people are truly rum-markable. They are incredibly passionate, honest, and expressive. The makers of Black Tears have tried to bottle up this Cuban passion and zest for life within their spiced rum. Black Tears, an award-winning Cuban rum, embodies the essence of Cuban living, offering an emotional blend that stands as one of the most unique spirits on the market, crafted for those seeking a novel experience. We chatted with the Black Tears team to get the goss on this hot spirit…


Black Tears Rum - Liquor Barons


Q&A with Black Tears

Tell us how Black Tears came about! When and how did it start?

Black Tears Spiced Rum originated from Cuba, a country rich in rum-making tradition. It was created to pay homage to Cuba’s cultural heritage (a song called Lagrimas Negras – Black Tears) and to capture the essence of its flavours and history.

Black Tears Spiced Rum started when a team of passionate rum enthusiasts and experts came together with the goal of crafting a unique spiced rum that would stand out in the market. It officially launched in recent years, quickly gaining popularity among rum enthusiasts and cocktail lovers worldwide. Its unique flavour profile and Cuban heritage have made it a standout choice for sipping neat and mixing into cocktails. Its sales around Cuba have reached just a million bottles, which makes it one of the most popular rums on the island.

How would you describe Black Tears as different from other market rums?

Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, Black Tears seamlessly blends traditional Cuban rum with modern innovation. Made from high-quality molasses sourced from Cuban sugarcane, alongside very high-quality cocoa and unique coffee, this rum offers a distinct character. The Black Tears Spiced Rum undergoes a similar process, starting with the same high-quality molasses and incorporating a blend of spices and botanicals such as coffee, cacao, and ají dulce (sweet chilli). These carefully selected ingredients contribute to a complex and robust flavour profile, highlighted by notes of chocolate, coffee, and a subtle hint of spice.

Where do you source your ingredients for Black Tears from?

The ingredients in Black Tears are sourced ethically from local Cuban producers around the island.

How should Aussies serve their Black Tears Spiced Rum?

Black Tears is most enjoyed by Aussies on ice with Ginger Beer and a slice of lime.  The ginger beer spice perfectly matches the rum’s Aji dulce and cocoa notes.

What’s your favourite cocktail to make with Black Tears?

The best cocktail to make with Black Tears is really simple. It is a classic Cuban recipe:

  • 45mL Black Tears Spiced Rum
  • 15mL Lime juice
  • 15mL Honey of choice
  • Shake with ice and dump in a glass



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