Our Top 5 Aussie Christmas Party Beers

A 4.4m Chrissie tree made from VB cans Pic: Wesley Boyd.

A 4.4m Chrissie tree made from VB cans Pic: Wesley Boyd.

Between office parties, buying gifts and sending Christmas cards, there's enough going on around this time of the year to get sorted without needing to figure out which beers to buy for your next impending Chrissie gathering.

Whether you're a classic Aussie lager lover or a craft ale aficionado, we've picked our favourite domestic beer choices that'll go down a treat over a long day out in the sun or a warm night with friends, co-workers or family these summer holidays.

Gage Roads Single Fin Summer Ale


This is a really tasty craft beer brewed locally by Gage Roads which has been making waves around Perth all year for its refreshing summer vibe and full-bodied Galaxy and Enigma hops flavours which Gage describes as ‘More refreshing than a face full of Freo Doctor”.

It’s a beer capable of successfully converting many of Perth’s more simple or mainstream beer enthusiasts into craft snobs from the added tropical feel and taste present in the hops. One sip is all you'll need to never look back. Perfect and not too intimidating for any co-workers or friends at your party who need further beer education.

Colonial Brewing Co. Small Ale


Small Ale challenges the notion weaker beers mean weaker flavour after this small Margaret River brewery set out to redefine Australian mid-strength beer. What followed was a revolution in craft mid-strengths, now full of flavour and driving craft beer sales nationally. This is the new age Australian beer style of choice.

This is a beer brewed as an IPA but using clever techniques to reduce alcohol to only 3.5% while leaving malt and hop profiles untouched. If your office is full of fancy craft enthusiasts, you can be sure there'll be no complaints about bland beers and no 'tac-yaks' (tactical vomiting) from the team getting too rowdy.

Little Creatures Rogers' Ale


This beer is a salute to two iconic names in Australian brewing Roger Bailey and Roger Bussell who helped formulate this beer with Little Creatures. Rogers’ is a mid-strength reddish amber ale with a very unique taste that has kept in WA’s good books for well over a decade now for its toasty malt flavours and nutty, coffee notes.

Don’t be put off by its colouring though this is anything but on it’s way to being a stout. Rogers is still a very light ale at just 3.8% with a less aggressive and rather agreeable taste to the common beer sipper.

James Boag's Premium Lager

Ah, the Boag's, the taste of Tasmania and one of our favourite premium options. James Boags Premium Lager offers a full flavoured lager taste in a pale golden beer.  Craft lovers will still taste their hops and fruit as it’s balanced over a pleasant bitterness.

If you’re like me and are freaking out about your beach bod as you pound calories at all your Chrissie parties, then this traditional lager could be right for you as its 99.99% sugar-free. So relax and just have another mince pie or tiger prawn, (which this beer goes excellently with).

Victoria Bitter


We couldn’t make a Chrissie beer list without throwing an old summer classic sporting some festive colours into the mix – ‘the Hand Grenade’.

Victoria Bitter is a dinosaur compared to some of the newer beers on this list but last time we checked, dinosaurs are f*cking awesome. Full of flavour, VBs were originally brewed with our tough summer climate in mind and can be a lot of fun at Christmas.

Try building a Chrissie tree with empty cans from your party like old mate here or simply rip a few pins and yell "Fire in the hole!" as they go down.

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