Chrissie Office Gift Guide


Are you stuck what to get the office as gifts this Chrissie? Perhaps you have more clients than baubles on a Christmas tree to keep happy...

Giving the right gifts around the office at this time of year can be a little daunting, especially when the boss has left you to sort out the entire company’s present list. When we give away Christmas gifts we hope they’re something practical the person will really use, not simply another desk ornament or trinket. It’s safe to say calendars, stationery and candles are officially off the table this year and should never be put back on it. No one needs another lavender-scented Boxing Day nursing a very bloated stomach.

Swap the daunting gift-quest the boss has dropped in your lap for a one-stop shop at your Local Liquor Barons instead. We’ll help you match the perfect present at the perfect price for everyone on the company ‘Nice’ list.

Here are a few ideas that make great company Christmas gifts.

A Bottle of Spirits
-Australian Craft Gins
-Premium Malt Whiskies

A Bottle of Wine
-Many on the Cheap
-A well Known Local Winner

A Bottle of Champagne
-One Everyone Will Love
-The Ultimate Toaster

Summer Wine Mixers
-Premixed Perfection
-Bartender's BFF

Chrissie Beers
-The Tourist
-The Local


Gift your company’s staff or clients with a personalised present you know they’ll use by grabbing each of them a tipple of their favourite Chrissy elixir.

Spirits really do make the easiest and best Chrissie gift to arrange with their creative bottle designs that remain a simple and stunning gift when wrapped. It's something that'll last longer the day's festivities. Above all else, they’re simply the ultimate ace in the sleeve to contend with a house full of relatives, in-laws or over-excited children.

An Australian Craft Gin

Why not go with something a bit more personal and unique like a bottle of a small batch spirit like some homegrown gin. Yep, good old fashioned Mother's Milk has definitely come a long way since its British origins and the London Drys of yesterday. Today, gin is the largest growing alcohol in Australia with the industry for small batch distilleries doubling in size and over 40 distilleries opening up around the country in recent years.

These craft distillers are taking advantage of our unique surroundings and environment here in Aus, showcasing our fantastically unique indigenous botanicals, creating some very unique Aussie flavours and taking the international gin world by storm.

The West Winds Gin - The Sabre $54.99

West Winds Gin_The Sabre 700mL_17.jpg

The West Winds Gins were created by four intrepid and adventurous West Aussies who wanted to realise a vision – to produce distinctive Australian gin to rival the best in the world. The Sabre Gin is The West Winds’ tip of the cap to the gin houses of old. This is West Winds'  Australian expression of a traditional gin, incorporating a strong undercurrent of citrus weaved through twelve unique botanicals featuring Australian native flora such as lemon myrtle, wattle-seed and using rainwater collected locally at the Margaret River distillery.


Picking up a bottle of WWG's The Sabre Gin means you will also receive a four-pack of Fever Tree tonic water which adds a nice touch to any bottle  bought as an office gift to show a bit of extra thought. A tonic water named after the Congolese tree where the quinine for the drink is extracted, this award-winning tonic is just perfect for a G&T. Can you imagine being gifted a fantastic Australian boutique gin and not being able to mix yourself one after unwrapping the bottle? Neither can we so make sure you have this base covered to really set off your gift.

Premium Single Malt Whiskey

If you’re looking to spend a bit extra, what better a Chrissie gift than a bottle of sweet malted nectar to pop under the office Christmas tree. Nothing says Christmas time for most office dads like a bottle of their favourite Whisky that’ll keep them grinning into Boxing day and beyond.

When the time comes to buy gifts for the whiskey lover in your office, you’ll have a wide variety of stocking-stuffers and bottles to choose from. Here are a few of our picks;

Chivas Regal Extra Blended Scotch Whisky 700ml Twin Glass Gift Pack $54.99


This is a fantastic scotch malt blend by Chivas first released internationally in Australia back in 2014 that has remained highly popular in the years since. Chivas Regal Extra sits in the premium blends range between Chivas’ 12yo and 18yo blends giving it a fairly intermediate price point and festive characteristics after being matured in reused sherry casks. 

The proof is definitely in the Christmas pudding as this detail gives Chivas Regal Extra an unmistakably seasonal flavour profile of Christmas cake, spiced fruits and sherry. Don’t forget to leave some room for the actual dessert on Christmas day.With two Chivas tumbler glasses included, this makes for the perfect gift.

Johnny Walker Blue Label 700ml $179.99


Did a staff member save the company credit card being cut in half early this year?Perhaps the boss needs something a little more special left in his stocking or you’ve got a whale of a client that needs a bit of ego massaging? Regardless of the cause, a bottle of Blue will have even the biggest of fish kept nice and merry all year round.

This is the crown jewel in Johnny Walker's line up and is an exceptional blend  comprised of only the highest quality and rarest local Scottish whiskies. Only one in every ten thousand casks make the selection to go into the stylish blue glass bottles to deliver the signature taste of Johnny Walker Blue Label.

For a quality Chrissie gag, gift wrap a can of Coke to go along with the extravagant blue box this whisky sits inside of but shoot anyone that actually considers the mix.


Last minute gift buying can always get a bit frantic and there’s always the fear that you’ve missed getting someone a gift when you really should have. A bottle of wine that’s been carefully considered is the perfect emergency present.

There’s definitely no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with a bottle of neck-oil to help lubricate all that stuffing at lunchtime down the gullet so making sure each staff member has some to take home with them is never a bad option.

Seek advice and ask the staff at your local Liquor Barons to help you pick out the perfect label. They will absolutely love it if you ask for their help and you'll leave with a thoughtful bottle in a smartly wrapped gift wrapping bag that looks special, as any present should.

Our hot gift wine recommendations are;

De Bortoli Sacred Hill Cab Merlot, SSB & Chard $5.99 Each


You can often select a really great wine at a really good value by picking up a box of bottles from your local Liquor Barons just around the corner or getting us to deliver it to your office for you.

De Bortoli's Sacred Hill range represents incredible value in a wine that won't break the budget to pick up a few cases and hand the bottles around the office. These wines are affordable yet you won't have to compromise on the quality. Clients will appreciate the gesture of a nice and thoughtful bottle and staff can always drink any leftovers at the Christmas party if you buy too many!

Vasse Filius Cab Sauv & Chardonnay 2 for $40


When you go for a recognisable wine label don't just opt for a cheaper big name. Yes, a more well-known label can make a great present because of their 'Oooh' factor but it's just as important the wine inside is up to scratch.

Vasse Felix's Filius Cab Sauv is a wine which meet both of these expectations with an award-winning, highly recognised reputation as ‘the Son’ of WA’s oldest wine still in production - Vasse Felix’s premier Cabernet Sauvignon.

You will not find another local wine of such a high calibre and reputation at such incredible value. Pick up both a red and a white for $40 and kill two turtle-doves with one stone.

A Bottle Of Champagne

There are few things as disappointing as unwanted Christmas gifts, but a nice bottle of Champagne is welcomed by all at this time of year. Who doesn't like making a nice holiday toast? Whether it's for a client, coworker or friend, Champagne makes a fabulous Christmas gift but the real secret is in which bottle to choose.

Ask your local Baron about the multitude of different Champagne options available and they will be able to help you find that perfect jaw-dropper plus wrap a nice ribbon around it for your staff.

Here's what we're toasting with on Chrissie day;

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label NV Brut $59.99


In our experience, this is everyone's favourite Champagne. With its easily recognisable, rather trendy yellow label and its easily approachable flavour, Veuve Clicquot has become a massive crowd-pleaser amongst casual sparkling drinkers and special occasion toastees.

Your colleagues will discover notes of peach, anise, brioche and buttered toast with a refined smoky finish. Tastes and looks great with a bottle contrasted against an entrée of a mango and prawn salad or some other fresh seafood. The ultimate gift Champagne.

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV $49.99


Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial is another of the world's most-loved Champagnes typically recognised for the label's vibrant fruitiness and elegant maturity. 'Moet' is a buzzword that will make even the greenest bubbles drinkers in the office giddy when they learn they've received such a prestigious bottle.

They'll pick up notes of baked apple, fresh pastry and a refreshing acidity. This Champagne is deliciously rich and complex. The perfect Christmas aperitif or to make your toasts with as it pairs nicely with a stuffed bird and grilled veggies. 


Is summer even really summer without some fruity cocktails to cool that sunburn?

Whether its a delicious prosecco spritz, or even a fruit-heavy sangria, we're lucky our Christmas weather here in Aus is the kind that makes you really thirsty and feeling a little fruity.

Everyone in the office will love these wine mixer gift ideas; 

Jacob's Creek Prosecco Spritz $16.99


This is neat take on the orange prosecco spritz but Jacob's creek have done all the mixing work for you so you won't make a mess at the Christmas Dinner table.

Made with crisp Australian Prosecco blended with blood orange, botanicals and a twist of bitters in a classic Italian orange aperitivo, Jacob's creek have combined two of Australia's favourite summer drinks into the one bottle.

It's sophisticated, ready-to-serve and is best appreciated by recipients over ice with a slice of grapefruit as your people pair off to pop Chrissie crackers at their family dinner tables. 

Aperol Spritz Pack $34.99 (1 X Aperol 700ml + 1 X Riccadonna Prosecco 750ml)


This is our favourite summer gift at the moment. Take 60ml of Aperol with 1\3 soda water and 2\3 prosecco and garnish with a juicy orange slice.

A simple easy to make Italian cocktail that's deserving of its title as 'the Drink of Summer' and packaged nice and tidy in a gift box so we can wrap it up for you. Nothing spells our stinking hot Chrissie season like adding the fruitful flavours of summer into a cheeky prosecco aperitif.

A Box of Beer

Christmas time in summer for us in Australia often makes beers the drink of choice over the festive season. Do you even live in Perth if you don't drink a few beers by the beach or park at Chrissie? A slab of beer makes a great present that will be gladly needed by your staff or clients over the silly season with so many events and gatherings just around the corner. 

Give any craft lovers in the office a beer they normally wouldn't buy for them self or stick with a tested winner and go with a premium imported beer no one ever turns down. Come and have a chat with our staff who know their brews better than their Chrissie carols. 

Heineken 330ml Stubbies Carton $44.99


This is a beer that you can't really go wrong buying for others. Widely respected around the world as a premiere quality Dutch Lager, there's few people in your office that won't be  ecstatic to open a box of these babies under their tree.

It is the light clean and slightly bitter taste the vast majority of planet Earth enjoys in their beers apart from a few bearded sourpusses complaining about the lack of fruit factor.

Plus you have the added appeal of a beer made famous for its label's Christmas colour palate. How festive!

Little Creatures Elsie WA Ale 330ml Stubbies Carton $54.99


This is an absolute Chrissie-cracker of a beer but alas, you're not going to fit a bottle in each bonbon. A great local beer by Fremantle brewery Little Creatures that doesn't get the rep it deserves.

Inspired by West Coast Ales from America, this ale is made fresh in our state and only available in WA. At only 4.8% ABV, find seasonal flavours of orange and lemon, this is a summer winner more people in Perth should get behind.

So what are you waiting for?

Impress the boss with your Christmas time efficiency. We wrap bottles and can will even put a Chrissie hamper together so you don't have to give anything but your vacation another second's thought.

Find all these gift ideas and loads more options at your local Liquor Barons.