Think you know your brews?  Think again....

Ale of a Time

This blog is seriously cool.  It covers off craft beer related articles, reviews, press-releases, podcasts and more. Should you find yourself wanting a break from beer (why would you), there is a nifty "not beer" tab that has everything from album reviews (not a Kanye fan), recipes, weekend music... epic.  Get around it.  

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The Crafty Pint

The Crafty Pint - a well known favourite among beer geeks, and for good reason.  Featuring a wide array of reliable, well-written and often referred to reviews, there's plenty to like here.  A must-follow on FB, Insta, Twitter, Vimeo & Flickr.  

"The Crafty Pint is an independent online magazine and resource for anyone interested in craft beer in Australia. We bring an honest, old-fashioned journalistic approach to beer's brave new world, telling stories because they're worth telling not because someone is paying us to write them.

Like many of the people who have changed the face of beer in Australia, we believe in authenticity, integrity, enjoyment and love. We hope to play a role in helping good beer, brewed by good people, find its way into the hands of more drinkers.

The Crafty Pint – Putting Class In Your Glass Since 2010"

girl + beer

Previously featured as a GUEST BLOGGER here, Girl + Beer is a local Perth girl who is inextricably linked to the Perth craft beer scene.  Knowledgable, passionate, well traveled and a girl to boot.  You can follow her on FB, Insta and Twitter.

"I love beer. Beer is about flavour and story. There's a great story behind every beer and every brewery; whether it's the history of a beer style or an unexpected ingredient or the brewer themselves. The result of these stories are beers that range from light and delicate to absolutely the opposite and all are potentially your next favourite beer."

Beer Advocate

Beer Advocate is an American beer blog (founded in Boston, 1996) and takes a bigger, slicker approach to the craft beer scene.  We like it because it features everything from basic beer 101's, interviews with top US craft brewers, interesting insights into the American craft beer scene, all the way through to quirky recipes featuring brew ingredients: hopped strawberry shortcake with witbier curd anyone?  You can follow these guys in print, and on every digital platform from FB, Insta, Twitter, YouTube and email.

Beer & Brewer

Beer & Brewer is a stalwart craft beer and home brew mag that has expanded to FB, Insta and Twitter.  This is a really reliable resource due to the well-researched articles, wide ranging topics that they cover, and we love both the Home Brew tab, and the Food & Travel.  Because after all, craft beer allows us to travel via the fridge... but nothing beats a new brew in a new place...

Don't miss the 'Fun Stuff' tab - it covers all kind of unexpected topics like the opening of a Beer Hotel (yas plz), Pis in a Bottle, Craft Beer & Curry matching, share a Pint with Mick Fanning, and more.


Sydney Beer

This guy is a Sydney local, and while it won't help our WA readers, we love his passion, opinions (essential in a writer), perspectives and general magnanimity.

"There is no snobbery here. Plenty of geekiness, but no snobbery.  You will find reviews of beers here but please go and try them yourself. There will rarely be bad reviews, it’s more in keeping with craft culture to forgive mistakes and celebrate success." - Tim Hodge, writer/owner Sydney Beer blog

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